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How long do antibiotics affect birth control?

Ortho Evra - Im on my third patch and my patch fell off two day early am I still protected?

My patch change day is Sunday but my patch fell off friday. This is the last patch before my patch free week so am I still protected for those two days

Bleeding while on ortho evra BEFORE patch free week?

Hello i have been on the patch for nearly two years now and have never had any irregular bleeding or spotting in between periods. During some time in a hot tub my patch had came off and i applied it back on right away. It sticked perfectly and strongly but had wrinkles. This was week 1 of the patch... read more

Ortho Evra - two things, after I shower it looks like there are small bubbles inside my

... this ok? Also I've noticed that the sides and corners of my patch come up,the patch isn't off just the sides sometimes come up... is this it still working? thanks!

How effective is the Birth controle patch Ortho Evra on the very FIRST week if he cums in me?

How effective is the Birth controle patch Ortho Evra on the very FIRST week? They said after the first week its 99.9% protective against pregnancy. And to wear a condom the first week or another back up method. On the first week if he came inside of me whats the risk? What percentage? My boyfriend... read more

Ortho Evra - I accidentally put the patch on my upper thigh next to my panty line?

... Is this okay? Should I take it off and put a new one on in a better place, or leave it on my thigh this week? It's my first week to wear it.

Ortho Evra - Is it ok if the corners of my patch come loose?

Overall, my patch sticks fine, but there's always a corner that won't lie flat and I was wondering if that means I'm less protected?

Ortho Evra - my patch fell off 2 days before I was supposed to have my fee week I did not change it?

... but i have not received my period. I'm now a week late what should i do should put my patch on. i'm so confused

Ortho Evra - I took my patch off a week early(end of second week instead of third), will I be?

... protected if I leave it off for the rest of this week and start a new 4 week cycle the following week?

I took my ortho evra patch off a week early and had a period can I start a new cycle and be protect?

i took my patch off third week instead of fourth and had a period can I now start a new four week cycle and will I be protected

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