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Does Metronidazole Cause White Discharge?

Posted 30 Dec 2015 by SunshineBlueSkies 2 answers

I was instructed to take metronidazole oral for BV twice daily for 10days. Around the second day I started noticing a white mucous-like discharge in the toilet (not cottage cheese like). I'm currently on day 6 and when I go to the restroom in the morning, I can usually push out a small amount ...

Typhoid Vaccine, Live - My son is taking the oral typhoid vaccine and twice has mistakenly eaten?

Posted 4 days ago by Englandite 0 answers

... less than an hour after taking his dose. Will this weaken the effectiveness of the vaccine?

What weaning protocol would you recommend for discontinuing a patient from low dose thyroxone?

Posted 13 days ago by mdworley 1 answer

The patient was put on low dose oral thyroid replacement in January of the year for (subclinical) hypothyroidism. The patient is now euthyroid (TSH 4.0, T4NL). She has 10 tablets remaining. I have instructed her to cut the remaining pills in half, take one-half tablet over the next 5 days, and then ...

If I already have oral herpes in the form of a recurring cold sore and my girlfriend has genital?

Posted 17 days ago by Jimmy1966 2 answers

Herpes can I still contract genital herpes?? Thank You..

Bio-Statin - My doctor can no longer get powered nystatin. I have been told it is not even made?

Posted 13 days ago by Quess 0 answers

... anymore. Now I have a bad case or oral thrush w/ sores on the back of my throat. My throat is so sore that I can't even have fresh fruit that has sugar in it. Yikes what can I do?

So, I am a man who has a HSV1 oral herpes since I was young. Is there any risk for the genital one?

Posted 13 Jul 2017 by Toetop 1 answer

I am going to have sex with a woman who got infected by a HSV1 oral herpes guy. Because of the oral-genital connection, the woman has now a HSV1 genital herpes. So, do I risk anything?

Day 6 metronidazole 7day oral tablets. I still have foul smelling clumpy discharge?

Posted 23 May 2017 by helpmeplzzz 1 answer

I was prescribed netronidazole oral tablets twice a day for 7 days to battle a recurring BV infection. After day 2 I noticed I wasn't having any clumpy discharge or a smell anymore. The smell was only slightly off to begin with but the clumping is the reason I got tested. Now on day 6 I am ...

Why do I still have chlamydia??

Posted 22 Jun 2017 by Help122 1 answer

In April I tested positive for chlamydia for the first time I took 2 pills once but did give oral sex within the week. After 6 weeks I come back positive again and I took the pills once again. After 3 weeks I go to urgent care because I feel just something isn't right but I come back negative ...

I'm having trouble finding information about dosage for oral arnica pills. What is normal?

Posted 25 Jun 2017 by Ctundra 0 answers

... recommended dosage? My husband wants to treat pain in his cheek bone area, possibly related to a root canal flare up. Dentists have checked and x-rayed the area with no clear reason for pain and swelling on occasion. Thank you!

How do I treat a diphenhydramine rash born from using topical and oral Benadryl for poison sumac?

Posted 22 Jun 2017 by Haaloe 0 answers

I recently contracted poison sumac unknowingly in our backyard, and had it spread all over the front of my body within a couple of days. I went to an urgency care station nearby and was administered prednisone. I was told that it was fine to take Benadryl for itch relief while on prednisone. What I ...

I am quite worried because my girl friend and I haven't had intercourse but she had an early period?

Posted 18 Jun 2017 by feblds2017 0 answers

and I asked her and she said "she is fine", toady she had blood clots in her vagina but it runs in her family, we only did oral stuff and nothing else is it possible that she is pregnant ? (please reply) (please help)

Symicort side effects?

Posted 31 May 2017 by JDougher 0 answers

Was having asthma attack after a food reactions. My lungs started to hurt and burn. I had the worst sore throat ever I thought it was strep it wasn't. WAs a side effect of oral thrush. Been through all the antifungal medication they could prescribed and it is not working. Since, his is from a ...

Is the equate brand maximum strength antacid okay to take when pregnant?

Posted 16 May 2017 by Raerae7 1 answer

Is the equate maximum strength antacid oral suspension okay to take during pregnancy. It says it contains 0.5 % alcohol. But no warning on labels. Other ingredients are alumina, magnesia and simethicone.

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