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What is the strength of CaroSpir (spironolactone) oral suspension?

What is the strength of Prexxartan (valsartan) oral solution?

What is the difference between the oral and injectable formulations of Akynzeo?

What are the most common birth control side effects?

I got 8 mg Versed oral liquid for an epidural spinal injection 6 hours ago and have had a couple...

... of episodes of loss of bladder control. Or did I just wait too long go? I usually have some urgency but not like this. Is this normal? Does it wear off? I have notified the doctor’s office answering machine

Prednisone Side Effects/Withdrawal Symptoms?

So back in February, I was hospitalized due to having a Crohn's flare up. They gave me IV steroids and then put me on oral Prednisone when I was discharged. I was prescribed 50mg and tapered until I was off about a month later. Now, the day after I finally got off Prednisone, I went to the ER... read more

Burning Mouth Syndrome - I had an Oral Surgeon tell me BMS was caused by your body coming off of...

... hormone therapy. Since I have read and been told this terrible infliction of pain to your mouth(tongue) 95% in post-menopausal women it makes some sense. Has anyone else been told this?

Clonazepam oral wafers for insomnia?

My doctor is putting me on clonazepam wafers because they switched brands on the pills to Solco. Solco brand is awful. My doctor said generics are 80% or less effective, so am anxious to see if the wafers works better. I’ve a question is: Are the wafers also made by Solco? Do you take them... read more

Teeth and gum side effects on adderall?

I have a rapidly receding gumline. I'm not sure if it is a side effect from adderall. I'm ocd about my oral hygiene, I waterpik, oil pull, brush with an electric toothbrush really soft, floss, rise with a mix of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide followed by diluted unfiltered Apple cider... read more

Does Metronidazole Cause White Discharge?

I was instructed to take metronidazole oral for BV twice daily for 10days. Around the second day I started noticing a white mucous-like discharge in the toilet (not cottage cheese like). I'm currently on day 6 and when I go to the restroom in the morning, I can usually push out a small amount... read more

When taking a med 5 times a day... how many hours between doses?

taking clotrimazole 10 mg lozenge 5 times a day for 2 weeks for oral thrush. I am 60 years old, female.

I take .25 mg Xanax at night to sleep...if I don't take it, I don't sleep?

Currently I am in a lot of pain from wisdom teeth extraction. Oral surgeon gave me Percocet but I am nervous to take it at night when I have had the Xanax... anyone have any experience with this?

Rash after using oral Valium 5 mg single dose?

I took a 5 mg Valium doze at night, next day I had a rash on my neck. Is this allergy? Specially reading that it is a rare side effect.

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