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Does Metronidazole Cause White Discharge?

Posted 30 Dec 2015 by SunshineBlueSkies 2 answers

I was instructed to take metronidazole oral for BV twice daily for 10days. Around the second day I started noticing a white mucous-like discharge in the toilet (not cottage cheese like). I'm currently on day 6 and when I go to the restroom in the morning, I can usually push out a small amount ...

Is my yeast infection going to get worse?

Posted 1 Dec 2017 by muax0 1 answer

My doctor gave me one dose of Fluconazole Oral (Diflucan) on Wednesday for my vaginal yeast infection and I had sex last night. I read that it was safe to have sex two days after taking the medication but I'm not sure.

Yellow discharge after protected sex. NO odor?

Posted 26 May 2016 by Raven23 1 answer

[First and foremost I would like to openly say I do have gential herpes simplex 1, I obtained this STD through receiving oral sex from an individual who claimed to not know he got cold sores, I was diagnosed in 2014 and I haven't had an outbreak since the initial one.] Yesterday I had ...

Had a tooth removed, looking for non oral pain relief?

Posted 17 hours ago by Dx121 1 answer

Short version is that I had a back tooth removed (not wisdom tooth, just a molar). I detest taking pills and tablets (have trouble gulping them down). Do you know of any alternate Over The Counter pain relieving methods that you yourself have tried and found works? Pain relief patches? Clove oil? ...

Periogard - What does prescription chlorhexidine gluconate (oral rinse) taste like?

Posted 2 days 10 hours ago by Matthew196 0 answers

Just was wondering what prescription chlorhexidine gluconate (oral rinse) tasted like? I know it says its mint flavored, but was hoping the mint flavor was strong enough to overpower the medication flavor of it. I have read good and bad reviews on it - some say it is bitter?

Bacterial Vaginitis - Can I recive oral sex while taking the metronidazole pills for a BV?

Posted 19 Jan 2018 by Bubblez_30 1 answer

- Can I recive oral sex while taking the metronidazole pills for BV and have ... protected sex as well?

Can oral nystatin help treat scalp ringworm?

Posted 19 days ago by Californiadream25 0 answers

My daughters physician prescribed her oral nystatin for her scalp ringworm but I was reading online that it’s ineffective and used for mouth thrush. Will it help her scalp?

What is the strength of Prexxartan (valsartan) oral solution?

Posted 22 Jan 2018 1 answerFAQ by

Missed oral contraceptive combo pill at the beginning of pack. Do I need Plan B?

Posted 31 Jan 2018 by chooziecling 0 answers

I normally start my pill pack on a Monday, but I was late by 24hrs and took it on Tuesday. I believed this would be no big deal because I would use condoms, but low and behold the condom broke! After that, I took an extra pill (I had already taken my first one a few hours earlier). I wasn't ...

How long after taking oral typhoid capsules can you take amoxicillin?

Posted 29 Jan 2018 by Polirer 0 answers

I had a Yellow Fever vaccination on 19th January and took 3 typhoid capsules finishing 24th January is it safe to take amoxicillin now

When taking a med 5 times a day... how many hours between doses?

Posted 22 Jan 2018 by TeeSue 1 answer

taking clotrimazole 10 mg lozenge 5 times a day for 2 weeks for oral thrush. I am 60 years old, female.

Cold sore is passed scabbing just a red spot. Is oral sex safe?

Posted 10 Jan 2018 by Redguy 0 answers

My cold sore seems to be completely healed, scab is completely gone just some redness of the skin? Am I good to go with oral sex?

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