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Semaglutide - Does anyone else have a problem with medication leaking out of their injection site?

Today was my fourth Wegovy injection, and 3 out of 4 times the medication ran back out the injection site. I’m a critical care nurse of 40 years experience, and I’ve really not encountered this before. Apparently, it’s a common problem with injection pens, and according to studies... read more

Is there a medication other than Lyrica and gabapentin for the treatment of peripheral neuropathy?

I wore my back out working in nursing homes and hospitals in several departments. Mainly as a nurse attendant therefore lifting and positioning patients as well as equipment. You get the picture I assume! After back surgery, etc., etc. I was finally forced to retire and have disability... read more

How often can I be prescribed Medrol Pac? I had relief but pain is now back as titrated dose down.

How often can you take the 6 day pac? I have obtained fairly good relief with the 4mg methylprednisolone 6 day pac. I have been in horrible pain. My nurse practitioner refilled once but will not refill again. Awaiting my appointments with ortho and rheumatologist but don't know how I am going... read more

Need to use alcohol based hand sanitizer. Is this possible while taking Antabuse?

Can other nurses/CNA's/docs or anyone else with experience on this tell me whether this is possible while taking Antabuse? I am looking especially for your personal experiences using hand sanitizers while taking a daily dose of disulfiram/Antabuse because I already know that the general... read more

Does metoprolol cause ringing in the ears?

I have been on metoprolol for about two years 25mg for most of the time. I was recently upped to 75mg now have tinnitus. Load buzzing humming sound. Is this a side effect of Metoprolol? I asked my Cardiologist nurse practitioner she says no but I found evidence it can. Anyone else experience this?... read more

Why is my med ciprofloxacin taking so long to heal my UTI?

I went to to the clinic today for a UTI and the prescribed me ciprofloxacin for it and it feels like it is taking to long for it to work I called the nurse at the clinic and she said sometimes it takes a little bit to kick in but I have taken this before and I was better in an hour. I don't... read more

Can having too much iron in your blood cause anxiety?

I have to donate blood occasionally to get the iron levels in my blood within normal ranges, as suggested by my last nurse practitioner, after reviewing my blood test results. Can this condition be causing me to be a more anxious person? What could be causing me to have high iron levels in my... read more

Is it safe to take metronidazole and fluconazole?

I have lots of anxiety and saw that this can cause a bad reaction to your heart o was confirmed by nurses and my doctor it's safe to take? Has anyone taken this before and had no reaction in a negative way?

How to Read the Label on your pill Bottle?

How many mg of B-12 & mg vitamin D3 & mg of multi-vitamins & mg of fish oil taken in a day?

And iron. The lady I take care of is having very bad side effects, like blister's breathing problems and I have been looking up all this stuff and the side effects. Anyways the doctors and nurses won't listen to me she is 86 years old. She takes so pills she is prescribed. And all of them... read more

The Evolution of the Pharmacist

Fentanyl Transdermal - Will a fentanyl patch go bad if its opened but not used?

I am a nurse and in one of the other med carts is a fentanyl patch that is opened but not used. I say it will go bad but the other nurse says it won't.

I am on 10mg Celexa to start. I want to switch from morning to night time.

I am on 10 mg Celexa to start (doctor said start at 20mg but nurse and pharmacist said start with 10mg). I want to switch from morning to night time. Can I just skip my morning today and take tonight? Should I start 20 mg tonight? I am on day 6. I feel awful - just horrible anxiety. I was on Celexa... read more

How long does it take for clonazepam to fully restore to your system?

I had been prescribed clonazepam for 20 years and I recently changed to a new mental health nurse who wanted to switch me to Xanax XR. I read articles and was reassured by her that I would have no withdrawals because it's extended release. I switched 9 days ago and on the 5th day I felt... read more

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