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How often can I be prescribed Medrol Pac? I had relief but pain is now back as titrated dose down.

Posted 29 Aug 2017 by Boomergem2 1 answer

How often can you take the 6 day pac? I have obtained fairly good relief with the 4mg methylprednisolone 6 day pac. I have been in horrible pain. My nurse practitioner refilled once but will not refill again. Awaiting my appointments with ortho and rheumatologist but don't know how I am going ...

What should I do about this situtation?

Posted 30 Aug 2016 by Confused in Carolina 7 answers

I signed a pain contract about two years ago. My doctors nurse just brought the contract in and said yoy have to sign this pain contract without fylly explaining the details of it. I trusted her and signed it. Well a couple of months ago i began receivivg dental care had 3 root canals and alot of ...

Xanax to Valium PLEASE HELP???

Posted 28 Jul 2018 by Helpless777 1 answer

I recently had to switch providers.. my phyciatrist had me on 6 mg of xanax per day. 2mg 3x a day. For over 1 year. My new provider (nurse practitioner) blew up that I was taking that amount. She refused to prescribe anymore xanax and switched me to valium 5mg 2x per day. Day 1 i felt off, not ...

I have been taking Ativan 1mg a day for over 30 yrs. Nurse practitioner wants to cut this down.

Posted 17 Sep 2018 by Cathy2005CH 3 answers

I used to take 2 mg. a day one in the morning & one in the evening. Many years ago I weaned myself to taking 1 1/2 pill a day then finally to 1 pill a day. My doctor (nurse practitioner) now whats to cut this back. This is after I had a few panic attacks and had to go to the ER. The ER doctor ...

I take Prozac 20mg once a day and Vistaril (hydroxyzine) 50mg is for as needed is it safe together?

Posted 23 Jun 2017 by Mommiesrus 1 answer

I was prescribed both by my nurse practitioner and would like to know other people experience.

Why is my med ciprofloxacin taking so long to heal my UTI?

Posted 19 Nov 2017 by ashbash27 1 answer

I went to to the clinic today for a UTI and the prescribed me ciprofloxacin for it and it feels like it is taking to long for it to work I called the nurse at the clinic and she said sometimes it takes a little bit to kick in but I have taken this before and I was better in an hour. I don't ...

Can having too much iron in your blood cause anxiety?

Posted 4 Feb 2018 by InquiringMindz 1 answer

I have to donate blood occasionally to get the iron levels in my blood within normal ranges, as suggested by my last nurse practitioner, after reviewing my blood test results. Can this condition be causing me to be a more anxious person? What could be causing me to have high iron levels in my ...

What is causing this stomach and back pain? Could it be meds or my body giving up?

Posted 29 May 2016 by danilizm7603 2 answers

I love my declining health either do from anorexia damage or body just failing itself or combo of both. This is how I feel and tried to explain it. But it's hard to explain things and the amount of pain and types of pain. Pain in my stomach comes sudden,sharp, stabbing pain on lower left ...

My wife is an ICU nurse who doesn't have ADHD but receved Adderall Rx to help her focus.

Posted 9 days ago by buzzzard58 0 answers

Once starting the medication, her total personality has changed. Her sadness & depression has increased, but also her low self esteem has increased, to the point of entering chat room relationships. Within 3 months of starting Adderall, she has now trashed our marriage of 25 years. We lost our ...

House was broken into and things stolen and had safe my meds were in that was stolen called sherifs?

Posted 24 May 2018 by Miketribble 3 answers

Called the sherrif office and they making report of it all and investigator come out as well took picks ! Well I called my pain management dr and his nurse said he don't write more scripts to replace them !!! And I told her no way I can make it for 3 weeks without it I have bad back and neck ...

Xolair administered incorrectly?

Posted 6 days ago by Kanders18 0 answers

I waited 90 minutes for my last shot with a new nurse. I came out of the room and asked for my shot. She was injecting me within a few minutes. I’m worried that my xolair sat too long or wasn’t mixed correctly because my hives have gotten worse and worse since this last injection and I ...

Anaphylaxis - I was told by my boss that I have to administer my EpiPen myself. I have have?

Posted 3 Jun 2016 by Staceyrenae 3 answers

... experienced anaphylactic shock three times in the past month. All three episodes happened while I was at work. I work with all nurses who are trained to give epinephrine EpiPen. My boss told me that due to liability reasons I had to administer it myself. I'm very concerned because I was ...

Can I take Night Nurse and Nurofen Cold and Flu?

Posted 30 Oct 2017 by AliceBoot 1 answer

I’m in bed with flu. I think the Night Nurse helps with fever but not so much the aches and pain. My husband brought me some Nurofen Day and Night cold and flu tablets and I want to know if I can take them together.

Dx in 2010 after extensive testing with adult ADHD, prescribed Adderall since then, saw new MD?

Posted 25 Nov 2017 by WRCS 1 answer

That is reluctant to continue treatment stating that because I no longer work (because I had to retire with disability) that I don’t need treatment. So frustrated because I’m 56 years old nurse for 30 years when I am able I try to be productive, helping with grandchildren, maintaining ...

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