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Nasal Congestion Questions

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Nasal Congestion - how can I stop one side of my nose from burning, filling up with mucus?

Posted 17 Jul 2012 by allieoop 6 answers

It bleeds if i clean out mucus, always blocked up, is it allergy?

Can I take mucinex dm with sudafed nasal congestion?

Posted 27 Sep 2010 by tloden 2 answers

Can Sinus medicine make you test positive for Amphetamines?

Posted 17 Feb 2011 by chucktly 1 answer

Could Cheracol or Sudafed Maximum Strength cause you to have a FALSE POSITIVE ON A DRUG SCREEN?"

How long can you safely use Flonase for?

Posted 25 Aug 2010 by radsow 1 answer

I have been using Flonase for 2 yrs. Not regularly. I use only when there is a nasal congestion may be once /twice a week. Is this Ok I understnad that this has to be used daily. How long one can use this spray ??

What cold or sinus medication can I take with Zoloft?

Posted 4 Sep 2014 by Melissa618 2 answers

I have a bad cold where I am coughing and all stuffed up and when I take anything with phenylephrine hcl or dextromethorphan in it I become very sick. I get nauseous, dizzy, irritable, and then start vomiting and having diarrhea and stomach cramps. While trying to find some relief from this cold I ...

Does oxymetazoline have steroids in it?

Posted 13 days ago by audreysnyder336 0 answers

Does Afrin interact with Cymbalta?

Posted 31 Dec 2016 by feffer1969 1 answer

Who sales Top Care Brand medicines?

Posted 6 Dec 2016 by Rodney Hollifield 0 answers

Sudafed Congestion - Sudafed nasal spray?

Posted 23 Nov 2016 by Micksbfc1 1 answer

I have been using Sudafed nasal spray for getting on for a year in the morning I wake up with stomach ache and feel low and depressed and anxious could this be anything to do with the continual use of the spray? I also take beta blocker and thyroine.

Claritin D/Sudafed/Nyquil, can I take sumatriptan for bad sinus headache / migraine?

Posted 15 Sep 2015 by Merenwentari 1 answer

My husband has a very bad sinus headache (since yesterday), and he took Nyquil last night, and again this morning. It did not abate, so he took a Claritin D. 2 hours later he took a Sudafed. (I found this out a bit ago). He says his headache is now much worse and wants to take one of his migraine ...

Low Iodine Diet and allergy medicine?

Posted 25 Apr 2016 by katherinewickey 1 answer

Does anyone know, for a fact, whether or not allergy medicines like: Claritin-D are safe to take while on the low iodine diet? I have two days until my scan but my allergies are going crazy and I need a decongestant but I won't take anything without confirming it is safe. I've been on the ...

I was given sudogest last Monday, and I have been taking Allegra also?

Posted 14 May 2016 by alviemay 0 answers

I am not feeling better, in fact I am worse. I was wondering if I was having a reaction to this meds or combination of meds. My skin hurts to the touch and my eye aches. Do I need to go to the local urgent care or wait until Monday and go back to see the nurse pract. who gave me the meds?

Has anyone had constant nasal congestion on Lexapro?

Posted 10 Nov 2015 by marthalove 3 answers

Hello, I have been on Lexapro twice in my life and am so frustrated with the nasal congestion! Both times shortly after beginning the medication it starts out like a cold where I have a lot of mucous and am blowing my nose often, can't smell, taste, etc. Then it's like my nose dries up ...

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