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Namenda Questions

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Can Namenda cause loss of appetite?

My husband is also taking galantamine for dimentia. Can either of them cause a com;pletwe loss of appetite?

What is the best way to correctly stop taking 10 mg Namenda pills normally taken twice a day?

is a week of taking it only once a day enough to be able to just stop taking it at that point?

How long does it typically take for Namenda to work its way completely out of your system after?

... going off it? I haven't been able to find this information anywhere. The doctor took my mother off this drug, which is very good, but we don't know how long it will stay in her system. The drug has made her confusion a hundred times worse. Plus it hass made her argumentative,... read more

What does clanging sounds/noises inside ones head mean?

my mother frequently claims she hears these noises and is reluctant to get out of bed and walk because she thinks she may fall.

To stop Namenda do you need to stop all at once or slowly?

been on for 2 years have most of side effects wasn't to stop how to stop slowly or all at once taking 10 mg. twice day was put on because told had Parkinson took off Aricept quit falling

How long can you stay on Aricept ?

My mother has been taking Aricept for a little over 4 years now, and they added Numenda a year ago. How long can she stay on Aricept? Forever? I recently read that it is only effective for 6 mo-1 year?? She is losing ground now month by month, so we don't know if ANY meds are helping.

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