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Escitalopram - Will increasing to 30mg help me finally sleep?

Posted 21 Nov 2017 by Shannonleekilla 2 answers

I started out on Zoloft for depression. I made my way up to 150mg and although I felt better, I kept having insomnia. My doc then switched me to 20mg cipralex. Insomnia continues and I can’t take much more. My doctor still believes my sleep disturbances are a symptom of the depression and ...

Adderall and Prozac Mix?

Posted 30 Nov 2015 by Elena999o 1 answer

I am prescribed to 60mgs of Prozac nightly for Major Depressive Disorder, Anxiety, Stress and Bulimia. I've been taking this for about 3 months now and have worked my way up to the 60mgs. I have taken this with 100 mg Adderall XR. The Adderall I have taken all throughout the day to stay awake. ...

Buspar - Lower the Dose?

Posted 19 Nov 2017 by Kanina 1 answer

Been on 15mg of Buspar for 5 weeks 4 days. Titrated my way up. Tried 20mg but felt like I had taken speed and had painful tingling in extremities, so back down to 15mg (3x /d). Even when I take my reg dose of 5mg I still get heart racing and some uncomfortable tingling. To date, Buspar ...

Urgent question about the My Way plan b pill?

Posted 6 Jan 2016 2 answers

I'm just worried that I may be experiencing pregnancy symptoms, what happened is that I had intercourse on the 26th of december and he did pull out on time but just to be safe the next morning as early as possible I took the plan b pill. I know its extra dosage of hormones but i'm still ...

I have been on Buspar for 5 weeks now. Should my anxiety be lessening by now ?

Posted 18 Mar 2018 by emily13 1 answer

I started at 7.5 mg twice a day and increased by 5 mg every few days. I have worked my way up to 30mg per day taking 10mg at 7am, 10 at 2pm and 10 at 9pm. My anxiety is not getting any better and I still cannot leave the house without taking Xanax ( not for work or to just go to the store). I am ...

How effective is My Way levonorgestrel?

Posted 17 days ago by Richard9876 1 answer

Me and my girlfriend had sex, but we never knew the condom broke, and I pulled out late, not knowing that the condom was broken, she took the pill about 13 to 14 hours after due to the fact that the pharmacies were close at that time, I'm really worried rn, and it just keeps bugging me, ...

I was just diagnosed with Lymphocytic Colitis after 6 months of D and a terrible experience with?

Posted 11 Aug 2015 by TerriCoffey 1 answer

... Diverticulitis and then C-Diff. I have gotten my biopsy results back, but have not seen the GI Doc. Any insight, prognosis, or information someone could pass my way would be helpful to my anxiety. I am currently on 9mg of Endocort per day for 30 days

Switched bc pills from a lower dose to higher dose same brand. Finished placebo pills then started?

Posted 24 Nov 2015 by Michelleb76 1 answer

Well Sunday night the first day of my new pack he finished inside me. I panicked and bought my way the next morning about 9 hours later. Since I had my period about 8 days before this happened is there a chance I can be pregnant. I'm freaking out because of an upcoming surgery. It's been ...

Venlafaxine 225mg side effects and progress?

Posted 9 Dec 2015 by jojocull 1 answer

I have been on venlafaxine 225mg for three weeks. I have slowly worked my way up from 75mg. I have ever been on this medication before. In the past few bouts I have been on 60mg Prozac and 1000mg lithium slow release. I moved cities and the doctors here didn't get my notes from where I used to ...

So I had unprotected sex on a Thursday and went to a rite aid and got a My Way pill and took it on a

Posted 27 Jan 2016 by Girlswholovesfood 0 answers

... Tuesday. Then on the same day I took the pill I had a problem swallowing it so it melted in my mouth. After I had unprotected sex again after I took the pill. My question is will the pill work up to 5 days & would it still stop the sperm if I took it before having unprotected sex again?

Is there any side effects for switching doses of adderall from 30 mg to 20 mg?

Posted 26 Oct 2016 by Gizmosgal 0 answers

I was diagnosed as adhd 2 years ago at the age of 38. I started at 20 mg 2xdaily immediate release. I worked my way up to 30 mg 3xdaily. Just today my Doctor took me off the 30 mg pills and put me on the 20mg pills. Does anyone know if there will be any kind of side effects from the dosage getting ...

DWI and valium the effects of the Valium after 8 hours?

Posted 20 Feb 2017 by Traci Cruthis 0 answers

I was arrested the other night with a DWI. I was not arrested for alcohol they found a prescription of Valium in my car on my way to work. They tested my blood and I did take a Valium 10mg at 5:00p.m. They took my blood at 1:15a.m. will it show up that I was still under the influence. I would like ...

Wondering if my lanced abscess has infected my blood?

Posted 8 Nov 2017 by Awallette 0 answers

Recently I had a large lump(abscess from an ingrown hair) that was lanced by the emergency room doctors because it had been greatly infected. They sent me on my way with antibiotics and dressing for this big hole on my lower left side. I haven't been feeling good and is wondering if the i ...

How goood does Celexa work for high generalized anxiety?

Posted 13 Nov 2017 by Robin Georgia 0 answers

My way of coping flipped recently and i am anxious, in terror, about everything especially driving. Need a med that will fix this with no blurry vision. Currently on Wellbutrin, Saphris, Clonazapam

I was in a bad car accident in January 2017 and they had to resuscitate me I was on my way to work?

Posted 24 Feb 2018 by Dano83 0 answers

So they had to resuscitate me bring me back to life I was in a coma for a few weeks I had a seizure and a stroke I was in the hospital for 3 months I'm not boo-hooing on myself the problem was it all started I was clean after the accident and then this past September I was diagnosed with ...

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