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Why is MoviPrep so darned expensive?

Posted 9 Apr 2013 by Ellen91247 5 answers

My pharmacist told me the price (without insurance) was $87.50! I nearly swallowed my tongue! That is outrageous! And the only insurance I have is Medicare and a supplement. If they don't pay, I will have to skip the colonoscopy. I am on a very fixed income. What have some of you had to pay ...

Can Moviprep cause blood pressure to rise?

Posted 1 Sep 2009 by kennesaw1 7 answers

I've always had low/normal blood pressure (110/70). Four days ago I had a colonoscopy and the night before I had to drink Moviprep. I could barely tolerate the saltiness of that stuff! Well, I was fine until last night when I started feeling weak and a little ill. I decided to take my blood ...

Moviprep is not working?

Posted 1 Aug 2016 by Fernwilkes 1 answer

What do I do if the moviprep not working? I have followed all the instructions right. I haven't eaten all day too and had little to eat 2 days before having moviprep. When will it start working?

Can I mix moviprep with gaterade?

Posted 15 May 2011 by bad taste 4 answers

Has anyone received $20 MoviPrep Rebate?

Posted 23 Jan 2013 by jaheller 3 answers

I took MoviPrep in later October for colonoscopy and it worked well. I sent in $20 Rebate from on November 1st - it said I would receive check in 4-6 weeks. After 12 weeks and several calls to the Rebate processor, I'm beginning to doubt that I will ever receive a check. They told me check was ...

What is the difference between Plenvu and MoviPrep?

Posted 19 Jun 2018 1 answerFAQ by

I need to know contact info for coupon on Moviprep. I received one for $20.00 rebate and misplaced?

Posted 17 Sep 2009 by sr529999 2 answers

I have receipt and script number. Everything but the rebate coupon.

With IBS --what bowel prep should I use for colonoscopy?

Posted 24 Apr 2011 by amaranth 2 answers

MoviPrep or SuPrep?

Did anyone take MoviPrep and experience high blood pressure?

Posted 8 Oct 2013 by suzylyn63 3 answers

I am 50 years old.. in good health.. Have never had high blood pressure. Just had my physical in May, 2013 and blood pressure was around 127/72. The most it has ever been is maybe 130 something over 80 something.. And that's when I was extra nervous or stressed. My colonoscopy screening was ...

Help!! Colonoscopy tomorrow and taking moviprep - need advice urgently!!?

Posted 19 Dec 2015 by calicokitten 1 answer

I have a colonoscopy tomorrow morning and started the drink at about 3:30. It is now 4 with nothing happening, but thst isn't the problem. The problem is I'm struggling to get any down!! I'm reaching and gagging when I drink it... I've mixed with lemon squash & orange squash ...

MoviPrep - if I am clear after the first dose do I have to take the second one?

Posted 12 Jan 2012 by infiniti055 1 answer

I have just finished taking my first dose of the moviprep, I am already passing clear fluids. Do I need to take the second round or am I ok?

Can moviprep cause long term stomach problems?

Posted 7 Oct 2010 by tonicap 2 answers

I had spastic colon before the drug and I took Benazapril for blood pressure, now I have severe bloating and cramping almost daily. I took the drug in 2009 and problems have increased since then.

Can I drink dry white wine, after drinking moviprep?

Posted 16 Dec 2012 by storminorm 1 answer

Can I drink some white wine, between evacuations, provided I also drink plenty of water?

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