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Montelukast Questions

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How Long Can You Take Singulair (montelukast)?

My doctor in India prescribs it for 2 weeks (10mg/1 per day) & told me not to continue for more than 1-2 months? I see in this or various other user groups where people have been taking Singulair (montelukast) for many years continuously. I would like to continue Singulair (montelukast) more... read more

How much sodium is in Montelukast sodium tablets?

my husband has high blood pressure and doesn't want to over take any salt products

What is the difference between montelukast and montelukast sodium?

I am trying to cut my sodium intake.

Singulair - Can you buy montelukast 10 mg over the counter?

10mg tablet

What happens if you take montelukast and you dont have asthma?

her mother thinks she has asthma but she doesnt

Blood donation while taking Montelukast Sodium?

I'm taking Montelukast Sodium daily. Does this prevent me from donating blood?

Montelukast - My son have asthma and by his doctor he is taking montelucast?

Because of his asthma my son is taking montelucast and by his doctor his blood glucose raised , is there side effect of montelucast to raise blood sugar?

Should fluticasone be use with montelukast?

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