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Mitral Valve Prolapse Questions

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Does metoprolol cause symptoms like a UTI?

I was on 25 mg extended release for rapid heart rate and anxiety. They switched me to regular 25mg twice a day. I have achy kidneys, peeing constantly. Exhausted. Back hurts. Heart beating out of control. My BP is fine, my HR Is 120-150. Can't sleep. Hair is falling out. Gained 10 lbs. I am a... read more

Can I take Atenolol at night, instead of in the morning?

I take Synthroid in the morning and there is a drug interaction.

What level of slow heart rate (bradycardia) is considered dangerous?

I have been taking bystolic for several months to control anxiety and panic attacks/heart arrhythmias related to Mitral Valve Prolapse. My blood pressure seems to be OK, but my heart rate has steadily decreased over time to 47 bpm. My primary care physician is concerned, but my cardiologist is not.... read more

Can you take Atenolol 50mg as well as Lisinopril 10mg?

Can bystolic be cut in half?

My dr said I can cut the pill in half (it's 10mg tablets) and take half in the morning and other half in evening. Is there an adjustment period? Will it take a few days to adjust to halving it?

Are antidepressants safe for people with MVP?

I have posted on here many times so please bear with me. I deal with ocd, anxiety, depression, and now fatigue and other premenopausal symptoms. I want so much to have a better life. I barely have any real friends to support me. I'm barely working. I want to be able to work and enjoy life. I... read more

Do side effects of atenolol include urinary issues?

I have been taking beta blockers very long term for the extra heartbeat and palpitations caused by mitral valve prolapse. Now with 50mg/day of atenolol, I have been having painful urination with sometimes cloudy urine. This seems to come on just after I take the medicine, in the evening. I asked my... read more

Should I take Norvasc and Bystolic together?

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