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Migraine Questions

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Excedrin Migraine - What can happen if you take more than 2 pills in less than 24 hours?

Posted 7 Apr 2012 by muzikluvr10 3 answers

I took the generic brand but the label still said cannot take more than 2 in less than 24 hours. I shoulda known but my migraine was coming back so i took more.

How do you safely reduce propranolol dosage without getting negative side-effects from it?

Posted 27 Nov 2012 by Leopoldbloom 13 answers

Hello, as I stated in the question I am wanting to completely get off of propranolol. I take it for chronic migraines but the side effects are not worth it in my opinion and I'd like to explore some other options for treatment. The reason why I want to stop taking it is because after taking ...

Does Tramadol work for migraine headaches?

Posted 3 Oct 2013 by daquilajmd 3 answers

How bad is a spinal tap or lumbar puncture?

Posted 15 Nov 2012 by sara12345 13 answers

Especially interested in anyone who wasn't sedated. I've been awake for my endoscopy and colonoscopy with sedation which everyone else doesn't remember. I'm scheduled for one and am told that I will be given some mild sedation. But I'm a bit nervous, especially since ...

I am starting gabapentin tonight, how serious is the weight gain and "word finding" issues?

Posted 24 May 2011 14 answers

Can anyone tell me how serious the "weight gain" problem is with this medications and the "word finding" issues?

Depo-Provera - After only taking one depo provera shot when should I start my period?

Posted 24 Nov 2013 by Krista19 8 answers

I'm 19 years old and I tried the depo shot and I hated it. I have only had one shot and gained 20 pounds!!! I'm moody and have such bad migraines after taking the shot. It made me sick and misreable. I was supposed to go back to take my shot in October but I didnt and still no period and ...

Topamax for migraine, has changed my mood, personality should I stop, this is worse than migraine?

Posted 19 Aug 2012 by losingfamilyfriends 19 answers

This is a dirty drug. I am very depressed. I am mean, emotional, tired angry, I forget things easily. I am losing everyone important in my life. My headaches are gone. But I think this is worse. What do I do? Should I just stop taking topamax? Help!

Just started amitriptyline, feeling very tired, how long will this last?

Posted 27 Mar 2011 by twith 6 answers

This is day 3 for my husband on Amitriptyline 50 mg for migraine prevention. He is very tired and we're wanting to know if this is normal and/or how long this will take to subside as it is difficult for him to function like this?

Should you eat healthy in order to lose weight on topamax?

Posted 15 Oct 2014 by manda494 10 answers

Hi, Im new to topamax and started it today I am aware that a common symptom is weight loss. From what I understand the weight loss is caused by lack of appitite so that makes sense of course you would lose weight if you are eating heaps less but a lot of other reviews say that they haven't ...

How does 2mg Zanaflex compare to Soma 350mg?

Posted 12 May 2011 by brisco 5 answers

I have daily headaches - have had them for over 30 years. I also suffer from migraines but Immetrix has taken care of those. My doctor just gave me Zanaflex 2mg. I've taken Soma before as muscle relaxant( for back pain) and wonder, before I start taking the Zanaflex, could someone compare the ...

Can too much Vitamin D3 trigger migraines?

Posted 26 May 2013 by kathyhanson 15 answers

6 months ago, my oncologist told me to take 5000u of Vit. D3 daily because my Zometa infusion was depleting my D. I've noticed that since then, the frequency of my full-blown migraines has increased. I have not changed any other meds with the exception of adding Mobic a few weeks ago. I was ...

Excedrin Migraine - Why are the ingrediants identical in Excedrin Migrane as in Excedrin Extra?

Posted 19 Feb 2013 by MILATT 3 answers

... Strength but it cost more and the max daily dosage is different?

I had a migraine for five days straight. nothing I had been hunting as worked. I have been given?

Posted 21 Sep 2013 by dobielynn 6 answers

Five days/migraine no help relief relieve What works?

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