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Migraine Questions

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Can ibuprofen cause constipation?

What are the new drugs for the treatment of migraines?

Can you take ibuprofen with Excedrin Migraine?

How do Ubrelvy, Qulipta and Nurtec compare for migraines?

How often can you take Excedrin Migraine?

How long do you stay on Topamax for migraines?

Can you take Excedrin Migraine while pregnant?

How long does it take for Topamax to start working?

Are migraines a symptom of covid?

What are the side effects of the flu vaccine?

Ubrelvy vs Imitrex (sumatriptan): How do they compare?

Is Ubrelvy better than triptans?

What are the side effects of beta blockers?

How long does it take for Excedrin Migraine to work?

Dysport vs Botox: What's the difference?

Dysport and Botox both have cosmetic uses. But what is the difference?

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