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MetroGel Questions

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Has anyone ever drank alcohol while taking the metronidazole vaginal gel(0.75%)? Side effects??

Posted 12 May 2017 by HelloKitty95 4 answers

I was prescribe the vaginal metrogel yesterday and have put it in last night and this night... I have not drank because I have read online that it isn't safe to take while taking the medication. But I mostly read that for Flagyl... Does it make a difference if it's the vaginal gel?? Had ...

Metronidazole - How long after using vaginal Metrogel should one wait before having intercourse?

Posted 3 Jul 2013 by pink11 1 answer

Using Metrogel for vaginal bacterial infection.

MetroGel-Vaginal - Has anyone taken this while on their period?

Posted 13 Mar 2013 by newme2 1 answer

... The side effects sound like the start of my period ( ramping and breast enlargement) and now it looks like the blood has mixed with the discharge... kind of freaking out over here

Using metronidazole (Metrogel). One question?

Posted 31 Dec 2017 by KirstieWilson25 1 answer

This is my 2nd day using it and it says to use twice a day every 8 hours... I started using the gel right after my period has ended and I've been getting white discharge come out of me and small little spots of red as well. I'm not quite sure what this means... I know it's not a ...

Reviews for MetroGel Vaginal to treat Bacterial Vaginitis - the reviewer indicated heavy discharge?

Posted 1 Aug 2009 by miap7 1 answer

... i wonder what sort? I am seeing white spongy discharge. is this normal or indicative of a bigger issue? please advise!

Does Soolantra cause a bad flare up in the beginning?

Posted 16 May 2017 by cmw2014 2 answers

I'm a 42 yo female and I was recently diagnosed with rosacea. I was put on doxycycline and MetroGel for a month; my condition got worse. I went back to my dermatologist and she diagnosed it as perioral dermatitis (PD). She prescribed me Soolantra and I just started using it (I'm about 4 ...

What is difference in use between clindamycin topical cream and Metrogel topical cream?

Posted 2 Apr 2010 by patsullivan 1 answer

I have rosacea on my cheeks that is inflammed. My doctor prescribed Metrolgel topical as well as Doxicycline in past and it didn't work. He now is switching me to clindamycin. Wondered how this is different as it doesn't appear to specifically be for rosacea vs. yeast infections?

MetroGel-Vaginal - Itching in labia minora and a yellow discharge with a odor, but no irritation or?

Posted 4 Mar 2015 1 answer

... burning during urination. What could it be?

Bleeding, BV and Metrogel?

Posted 22 Oct 2018 by Leggyblonde8 0 answers

I am on my 5th and last day of metro gel. I just went to he bathroom and was bleeding. Not supposed to have my period. It was purple/red in color, clumpy (which I'm guessing is from the gel) it doesnt hurt or itch. Has this happened to anyone else? Is this normal or a side effect?

UTI symptoms after using metrogel?

Posted 19 days ago by Sward06 0 answers

I’ve just finished a 5 day course of Metrogel and I’m experiencing increased frequency. I have tested negative for a UTI. Has anyone experienced these symptoms? How long did before things go back to normal?

If I have blisters in my vaginal area after I start a medication does that mean allergic?

Posted 11 Apr 2015 by If-only-you-knew 1 answer

I recently found out I had a pretty bad yeast infection, with two remarkably big fissures on the top and bottom of my vagina. I went in to see a nurse practitioner with prescribed me metrogel-vaginal and gave me one pill of Diflucan at the office and one two days later. I tried apply polysporin to ...

Metrogel - I have taken 1 out of 5 doses?

Posted 2 Nov 2012 by cmwcmw11 1 answer

I took 1 dose of metrogel yesterday morning, and I plan on switching to a different medication. Am I able to drink alcohol today? Or do I need to wait the full 3 days, even though I haven't taken all 5 doses?

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