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What are the side effects of statins?

Viibryd - is it common to feel awful if you miss a dose?

Extremely vivid nightmares, crying, feelings of doom, headache, fogginess,memory loss, itching, etc. Feeling like dreams are real and can't wake up. What helps until the medication kicks in again?

Has anyone had memory loss since taking Trintellix?

Since taking Trintellix I've had memory loss. I've never had this kind of problem. I can remember a lot of things from years ago and sometimes I have a hard time remembering 5 mins ago. It's getting very frustrating.

Gabapentin - Does anyone experience memory loss and recall problems?

I'm only on 200mg per day for anxiety and have recall problems. I could likely live with that except I'm worried the issue will get worse and be permanant. Any experience out there with low dosage and memory issues?

Do many people experience Lyrica side effects such as lack of concentration, short-term memory...

... loss forgetfulness or other cognitive changes?

Has anyone had memory loss and feelings of anger from taking tramadol?

I was prescribed 50 milligrams of tramadol a day. I have been taking this for about 3 years now. My memory is really bad. Sometimes I can't even remember things that happened two days ago. I used to be a heavy drinker but, my memory was even good from that. It has only been since I started... read more

Has anyone else had short term memory loss from seroquel or a zombie like feeling?

Ive been taking seroquel for a while now for my major depression. I take 150mg aswell, but in the morning untill late afternoon i cannot think what so ever and its really hard to just even remember anything. I tried 75 mg the other day and my memory improved a little but my mood didnt. Just asking... read more

Any help for memory loss due to Gabapentin?

I have been taking Gabapentin for 2 years now due to nerve damage suffered before and during my backsurgery. I had to basically learn to walk all over again so lack of balance and clumsiness were issues from the start. I still have slight problems with balance. BUT I have noticed increasing... read more

What about short term memory loss with Escitalopram??

I have been taking Lexapro for 2 years and have had pretty bad neck and shoulder pain most of the time, and my sleep apnea has gotten worse (I have a physical in December and will address this issue with my Doctor) in the last 4 to 6 months I am having big problems with short term memory loss such... read more

Quetiapine - Has anyone suffered memory loss from Seroquel?

I'm on 800 mg at night and after 9 years I'm suffering large gap memory loss and short term memory loss. Anyone else?

Was phenobarbital used in the 1960's for anxiety?

My mother told me throughout my life that when I was young she gave me phenobarbital to "make me go to school". I have no memory of being given medication. Was she putting it in my food? Was she lying? I wonder if this was something routinely given to children with school anxiety?

Can side effects from statins be reversed ? I have muscle and joint pain?

heartburn,trouble walking,memory loss, How long do the side effects last???

Does trazodone cause memory loss at night?

I'm prescribed 100-200 MG trazodone every night. I've only been taking it for a few months and I don't always take it but usually take 100-150mg when I do... There has been many times that I wake up in the morning to find something happened that I completely don't remember. For... read more

Long term effect of Lyrica?

I have been on Lyrica for 9+ years. I am beginning to question this long time use, questions like, "What kind of effect will Lyrica have on my memory", or "will Lyrica change the way my brain develops?" I wonder about the way my synapses are forming, is the Lyrica making them... read more

Opdivo - Looking for other’s opinions and comments on treatment pleass?

Have been on Opdivo for 5 months. Adverse reactions are severe back pain , memory issues, headaches. Considering stopping treatment. What are others experiencing.

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