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Melasma Questions

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Is the lightening effect of hydroquinone permanent?

Posted 7 Dec 2010 by d.eggz 1 answer

For 25 years I have been told that nothing will lighten my melasma. Will this really work?!

Has anyone used an online discount coupon to save on the cost of Tri-Luma?

Posted 18 Jul 2014 by carolynzzz 2 answers

I recently got a prescription for Tri-Luma for my melasma, and it is very expensive... I see a lot of online coupons and discount cards, and was wondering if anyone has used these with any significant savings?

What is the treatment for melasma?

Posted 17 Sep 2013 by Martin7 2 answers

kindly suggest some cream to fade permanently, thank you

Has anyone ever experienced melasma while on Kariva?

Posted 10 Jul 2014 by CatherineP 1 answer

Have been on Kariva for about five years now and I love it. Very short and light periods, no weight gain or acne, has helped with period related migraines and no nausea which I used to experience on other pills. Suddenly, now that it is summer and I am having more sun exposure, I am experiencing ...

Hello, I am pretty certain I have Melasma on my face and it does respond to lightening creams but it

Posted 25 Jun 2015 by JasmineFlower 1 answer

... never goes away. My question is related to Melasma appearing pink at times. I have two close family members with Lupus and I personally have tons of symptoms. I am wondering if anyone with Melasma ever notices it is pink instead of brown. The pink rash like areas are in the same spot as a ...

I'm Black-American and have been diagnosed with Melasma. After taking Hydroquinone and Triluma?

Posted 26 May 2010 by cyntbell1 1 answer

I got extremely light on my cheeks and chin area. I think I got the reverse of what should have been to correct the melasma. I now need to know what to do to get my original skin color back. After another visit to the dermotoligist she prescribed Protopic. I so confuse and I look terriable.

Can you suggest a BC Pill for 37 yr old smoker with melasma?

Posted 19 Sep 2010 by 1Peaches 1 answer

I need to find a b.c. method that is affordable that I can use. I am a 1/2 pack a day smoker with skin pigmentation problems on my face that was diagnosed as melasma. I took b.c. pills since I was 14 to 32. Initially to stop my continous menstrual cycle after it started. At 32, I started having ...

I can't be on bc pills because I got Milasma - and I'm concerned that mirena will make it worse?

Posted 12 Apr 2011 by comamabear 1 answer

I am looking for something to help with the heavy bleeding... Any ideas?

Tri-Luma - Did anyone experience Melasma coming back after using Triluma?

Posted 24 Jul 2016 by Marie7989 1 answer

I have not tried Triluma yet, but am worried about what happens after you stop using it.

Tri-Luma - Where to find coupon?

Posted 7 Jun 2016 by Jaznar 0 answers

I would like to get assistance where to find coupon thank you

Can Tri-Luma be safely used by ladies with glaucoma?

Posted 4 Feb 2017 by Razzledazzle7 0 answers

I would like to use Tri-Luma to help with skin discoloration on one side of my face. I am not sure if this drug will affect my eye pressure. Really appreciate any help!!

I'm a Hispanic woman, age 42, I had halo laser 9 months ago, I was using melamin and melamix for 4.5

Posted 19 Feb 2017 by Carmen elvira 0 answers

... months. The I moved on to Kytera and retinol complex 0.5. currently my melasma has returned worse then before. Was it the Melamix and Melamin or the Lytera? I used sun protection and a hat the whole 9 months

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