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How do I find a pain management doctor who will prescribe opoids when other methods are unsuccessful

Posted 16 Dec 2011 by singer10 15 answers

Other methods have been tried - corticosteroid injections and now they will attempt a nerve block. I just sent a message to my doctor to get the details regarding this. My insurance (MediCare/MediCal) limits things like acupuncture for pain management so I am concerned because my current pain ...

What is a good substitute for Advair? I've been taking Advair successfully for adult-onset asthma?

Posted 8 Jan 2013 by guineapigslave 18 answers

... since roughly 2001. Medicare switched me to a new plan for 2013, since my old plan's prices have gone way up (I get extra help, due to finances, so money IS a big issue). Unfortunately, my new plan does not cover Advair, and I'm clueless as to what else will work in maintaining the ...

Why is MoviPrep so darned expensive?

Posted 9 Apr 2013 by Ellen91247 5 answers

My pharmacist told me the price (without insurance) was $87.50! I nearly swallowed my tongue! That is outrageous! And the only insurance I have is Medicare and a supplement. If they don't pay, I will have to skip the colonoscopy. I am on a very fixed income. What have some of you had to pay ...

Can Amlodipine 10mg tablets be cut in half? (to equal a 5mg dose)?

Posted 6 Sep 2015 by coastalvixen 1 answer

I am currently taking 10mg amlodipine daily and the dosage needs to be reduced. I am also in dire straits financially and am very adept with a pill cutter. Being in the 'donut hole' on Medicare, which is my only coverage doesn't help either. Plus I believe that I am having side ...

Did U no Medicare is removing armour thyroid from formulary?

Posted 9 Nov 2012 by meyati 6 answers

Starting New Years Day, Medicare is removing Armour thyroid extract for hypothyroid from its pharmaceutical formulary of approved medications. I received the notice today. My HMO won't cover the cost of my Armour thyroid now. What makes it ridiculousness is that I called some pharmacies about ...

How do you get insurance to pay for expensive drug Viibryd?

Posted 16 Oct 2013 by braydensnana 5 answers

Today my new primary Dr gave me sample pack of Viibryd. I told her that my insurance wouldn't pay for drug but she said well you've tried many of the others so it should. My B/C medicare plan only pays for generic. Any ideas or do I call tomorrow and get different drug. In the past ...

Are there any alternatives to Vyvanse?

Posted 27 Oct 2011 by minniemouse1959 1 answer

I am on disability and recently am on medicare. Medicare don't want to pay for the dosage my doctor is recommending. I have been on this medication for over 3 years and really like it. Are there any alternatives that are like - sisters - to Vyvanse?

To those on nadolol?

Posted 9 Dec 2013 by kaismama 10 answers

I recently hit the donut hole in medicare. Its no wonder when the price of nadolol has skyrocketed. I was told that for 80 mg tabs, 3 a day it would cost me $300. Before I got medicare it cost me about $50. I'm fortunate in that I won't need it until the 30 of this month and next yr is ...

Has Medicare approved Harvoni for Hepitatis C?

Posted 21 Jan 2015 by Steven F 2 answers

Does anyone know of a good pain management clinic or doctor who will take medicare and medicaid in?

Posted 18 Mar 2011 by janem502 4 answers

Louisville/lexington, Kentucky? I would be forever grateful if anyone with the answer email it to me. THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYONES SUPPORT AND KIND, UNDERSTANDING WORDS. I really needed them, It is so great to have a website like this so we can help each other. There are very caring and supportive ...

I had a MRI in 2010 which said I have Spinal stenosis.My lower back pain is so bad in the morn. I?

Posted 2 Aug 2013 by Freckleface1 7 answers

... have to roll out of bed. It seems to be getting worse.I finally have my Medicare and have an appointment with a pain management Dr. I have been taking Oxycodone 30mg they work for about 4 to 5 hrs then my pain starts again. I had a phone consult with a surgeon and the surgery costs 100,000.00 ...

When does patent expire on Gleevec? When will generic be available in U.S.?

Posted 10 Sep 2012 by tiredandbroke 4 answers

Taking it for CML for 7 years now.It has quadrupled in price.5 yrs away from Medicare,don't think I can work that long.

I am on Medicare due to being disabled from RA.Can't afford Enbrel,Help?

Posted 24 Apr 2012 by lukiejuke 4 answers

Enbrel copay assistance won't help people on Medicare, and I can't afford a medicare copay of $400 a month. Does anyone know any way I can get assistance?

Medicare doesn't cover extended release oxy or roxicodone.Is there an alternative ER ?

Posted 6 Sep 2013 by cindyshotflashes 2 answers

I can't help but ask : what insurance company part D helps cover its cost?

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