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What is a good substitute for Advair? I've been taking Advair successfully for adult-onset asthma?

Posted 8 Jan 2013 by guineapigslave 18 answers

... since roughly 2001. Medicare switched me to a new plan for 2013, since my old plan's prices have gone way up (I get extra help, due to finances, so money IS a big issue). Unfortunately, my new plan does not cover Advair, and I'm clueless as to what else will work in maintaining the ...

How do I find a pain management doctor who will prescribe opoids when other methods are unsuccessful

Posted 16 Dec 2011 by singer10 15 answers

Other methods have been tried - corticosteroid injections and now they will attempt a nerve block. I just sent a message to my doctor to get the details regarding this. My insurance (MediCare/MediCal) limits things like acupuncture for pain management so I am concerned because my current pain ...

Can Amlodipine 10mg tablets be cut in half? (to equal a 5mg dose)?

Posted 6 Sep 2015 by coastalvixen 1 answer

I am currently taking 10mg amlodipine daily and the dosage needs to be reduced. I am also in dire straits financially and am very adept with a pill cutter. Being in the 'donut hole' on Medicare, which is my only coverage doesn't help either. Plus I believe that I am having side ...

Why is MoviPrep so darned expensive?

Posted 9 Apr 2013 by Ellen91247 4 answers

My pharmacist told me the price (without insurance) was $87.50! I nearly swallowed my tongue! That is outrageous! And the only insurance I have is Medicare and a supplement. If they don't pay, I will have to skip the colonoscopy. I am on a very fixed income. What have some of you had to pay ...

Medicare - Is there any help for paying for Savella? I take it for my fibromyalgia?

Posted 3 days ago by Emerald517 0 answers

I am on social security disability and cannot afford paying for this medication. I also have other health issues and take other medication.

Wanted to know how can I receive a OTC card?

Posted 14 May 2018 by Tanya2769 0 answers

I was told about this card by my neighbor and my daughter. They both said since I do have Medicare I should be able to get this card.

Does Medicare cover Prolia?

Posted 18 May 2018 by Vansmeds 0 answers

I too, have Hep C and need Harvoni. I am on Medicare but cannot afford Part D so I have no?

Posted 2 Mar 2018 by AngelsAmongUs 2 answers

prescription coverage at all. I have known that i have hep c for 3 yrs but cannot afford the treatment and i don't want to die from it. Is there any help available for those in my position? ( my sole income is social security which isn't even enough to live on). Thank you in advance for ...

Chronic kidney disease - I use a nephrostomy drain bag but can not find a vendor that will bill...

Posted 2 May 2018 by mikeberryus 0 answers

... Medicare. Is this a supply that traditional Medicare will even pay for? I also have a supplemental plan thanks for any help

I have lost enamel and have rotten front teeth due to medication over the years.

Posted 18 Mar 2018 by Freddybear3 0 answers

Aspirin. metoprolol and clonidine daily for a lot of years if I have a doctor attest to this would Medicare pay for dentures as most of my teeth need to be extracted

Do you have a program for people who can't afford their medication not covered by insurance?

Posted 17 Mar 2018 by Heidi O 1 answer

I am trying to get your Lidocaine Patch 5% for my severe spinal stenosis, but Medicare/ Medicaid NY will not cover, they say my condition does not warrant it! I first got it in March of 2017 with no problem, it helped, but now they won't cover the new prescription. I only used it on ...

Zejula - How are people affording Zeula?

Posted 7 Feb 2018 by thesleuth 1 answer

The "street" price for this drug is about $16,000 a month. If you're on Medicare and you have supplemental drug coverage the best price I've seen is $3500 for the first 30 days (depending on how much deductible you have left for the year) then minimally $755 a month after that. ...

I have taken Premarin 1.25 tablets for 29 years. What would happen if I just quit?

Posted 1 Jan 2018 by LKC1952 1 answer

I have taken Premarin 1.25 since I was 36 years old and had a hysterectomy. I am now 65 years old and facing very high costs of this medication through my Medicare & Suppliment insurance, Humana. Can I just quit this drug now that I'm 65? If so... will there be side affects... and what ...

Does any one know who will pay for my Seroquel?

Posted 5 Nov 2017 by Shinerxx 4 answers

Can’t buy my medicines need help paying for them. No insurance or Medicaid nor Medicare and money to buy that or my Depokote. I really need my medicines. The only income I have is SNAP benefits of $194 a month. I have both scripts sitting at CVS and can buy them.

Votrient - Can you get this anywhere or does this have to come from the compound pharmacies ?

Posted 6 Dec 2017 by Tanya Texas 0 answers

My mom needs to start treatments this week and I have been told three different amounts 2,488.00 for a 30 day supply to 11,215.00 for a 30 day supply they have Medicare and cignea plus a pharmacy card. Please help me? Desperate Daughter, Texas

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