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What is the highest maintenance dose of ADDERALL ever taken for adhd?

Posted 15 May 2014 by NMcD 3 answers

My 30yo daughter has had ADHD since 2nd grade. She was on Adderall XR for years and now is back on Adderall and titrating up. She is up to 50mg twice a day. How high have other patients gotten before they have reached maximum benefit from the med without dangerous side effects? She is doing this ...

20 years of Maintenance dose of Trazodone and Alcohol?

Posted 24 Jan 2015 by daferby 6 answers

I'm being told that my 50mg maintenance dose of Trazodone prohibits me from EVER drinking alcoholic beverages. In fact, in the state of AZ, I've been charged with DUI - Drugs as I had a metabolite of Trazodone in my blood after drinking wine the night before. Not over the limit on BAC but ...

Can a 40mg atovastatin be cut in half to reduce dosage by half?

Posted 15 Dec 2017 by mtdickygoh 1 answer

Have bought 12 month supply but need only 20mg for maintenance of lowered cholesterol levels

How to detox from Xanax XR safely?

Posted 2 Jul 2014 by only34me 2 answers

I take 2 mg of Xanax XR twice daily and 1 mg XR in the afternoon. I am taking it for maintenance, not to get high. I want to safely stop taking it or at least lower my dose. I know I can't taper off without some kind of drug for detox. If I don't take it in the morning and wait until ...

Why am I gaining weight on liothyronine?

Posted 2 Mar 2013 by fcassell 2 answers

I'm becoming increasingly *livid* becuause of the gradual weight gain I've seen since having started liothyronine one month ago. My maintenance dosage is 45mcg, which I am currently taking. Will this weight gain stop eventually? How long before I will lose this weight that I have gained? ...

Has anyone had vaginal bleeding (spotting) since on methotrexate 7.5 weekly?

Posted 6 Dec 2014 by Crmm 2 answers

I was just started on methotrexate 7.5 weekly along with plaquenil 400 and prednisone 10 (plaquenil is not helping and prednisone is just maintenance) but I have awful headaches, vaginal bleeding and feel depressed constantly. Anyone have advice? By the way, my RA is treating Sjogrens disorder. We ...

Having completed initial two weeks of vagifem do I need to continue with maintenance twice a week.?

Posted 15 Jul 2016 by Elliejasp1 1 answer

... Am having pains in stomach and frequent urinating

Is Lamictal 25-50mg enough to treat severe bp2?

Posted 18 Aug 2016 by vspark3 3 answers

Hello All, I just started on Lamictal 25mg/day for bipolar disorder 2. My doctor says I should be fine with 25 maybe 50 for bipolar, but I keep reading that the maintenance dose is 200... and the titration schedule is to get there by increasing 25mg every two weeks or so until you are there. She ...

Asthma -- Maintenance - Mouth ulcers - I'm just new to Symbicort turbuhaler and now mouth ulcers?

Posted 13 Apr 2013 by MikefromsouthNZ 2 answers

But It's not thrush... I always rinse my mouth out after using my inhalers, usually with a large glass of water.. Previously I was on Seretide with Duolin as my relever and had no mouth troubles at all.. Any feedback is most welcome thanks..

Can dosage of predisone go from 50mg to 25 mg to .5mg in 3 days?

Posted 30 Apr 2014 by jaxkelly 3 answers

Currently on a maintenance dose of predisone of .5 to 1 mg day. With hip replacement surgery the dose will be 50mg on day of surgery then 25mg the day after and then back to maintenance dose (.5mg) on day 3. Does it require a longer time for the step down to occur, For example 50 - 25 -20-15-10-5mg ...

How do I liquefy my maintenance medications?

Posted 19 Sep 2014 by batemanfix 2 answers

I am preparing for weight loss surgery and the doctor told me I would have to liquefy all my meds after surgery.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Maintenance - I just found out I have first stage copd im?

Posted 23 Dec 2014 by annettemears 1 answer

... trying to quit smoking n im finding the mood changes hard to handle meds done help what else can I do

Asthma - Maintenance - I am newly diagnosed with asthma and started using Symbicort. My blood?

Posted 12 Nov 2015 by julieceann 1 answer

... pressure went up so stopped taking it and started Advair diskus. My blood pressure is better but still high. Is there a maintenance medicine that does not cause HBP? I am female, 56 years old. Last year I was in great physical condition. This year I have suffered from severe fatigue and hoped ...

Are you all taking Zejula for recurring ovarian cancer for for maintenance.

Posted 12 Feb 2018 by Katzenfrau 2 answers

I finished chemo in December 2017 and my CA 125 is 4.7 and CT scans are clear. I am very nervous to start this drug and wonder if I should since there is no evidence of CA just now? My Dr. recommends it because recurrence rate is high. I'm so glad to find this support group.

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