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Maintenance Questions

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What is the difference between emphysema and COPD?

Trelegy vs. Breo: How does their use and cost compare?

Trelegy vs Anoro: Which is better?

Can you take Trelegy and Symbicort together?

20 years of Maintenance dose of Trazodone and Alcohol?

I'm being told that my 50mg maintenance dose of Trazodone prohibits me from EVER drinking alcoholic beverages. In fact, in the state of AZ, I've been charged with DUI - Drugs as I had a metabolite of Trazodone in my blood after drinking wine the night before. Not over the limit on BAC but... read more

How to get medication refills before traveling?

How to detox from Xanax XR safely?

I take 2 mg of Xanax XR twice daily and 1 mg XR in the afternoon. I am taking it for maintenance, not to get high. I want to safely stop taking it or at least lower my dose. I know I can't taper off without some kind of drug for detox. If I don't take it in the morning and wait until... read more

Asthma -- Maintenance - Mouth ulcers - I'm just new to Symbicort turbuhaler and now mouth ulcers?

But It's not thrush... I always rinse my mouth out after using my inhalers, usually with a large glass of water.. Previously I was on Seretide with Duolin as my relever and had no mouth troubles at all.. Any feedback is most welcome thanks..

Can a 40mg atovastatin be cut in half to reduce dosage by half?

Have bought 12 month supply but need only 20mg for maintenance of lowered cholesterol levels

Does use of clonazepam help with daily morning anxiety?

I have daily nervousness anxiety, especially in the morning. I feel better if I take a very small amount of clonazepam(.25). I also take a low maintenance dose of Escitalopram(5mg). In the past I’ve had 2 clinical depressions. I work on many levels to control my anxiety... yoga, walks,... read more

Lithium for manic depression 1200mg?

I'm taking lithium for manic depression. I am getting a dose of 1200 mg (4 Pills) (1200MG its enough to Maintenance treatment over time) How to take the 4 pills? Take them all together or divide them twice a day? Morning and evening? Thank you

Has anyone been prescribed a maintenance dose of Mounjaro, once desired BMI is achieved, or for any?

Has anyone been prescribed a maintenance dose of Mounjaro, once desired BMI is achieved, or for any other reason and what has this experience been like? I'm curious to know if once we are able to lose the weight... are we able to keep it off? I've read clinical studies stating that... read more

Ambien and Ambien CR doesn’t help me stay asleep?

I’ve been suffering from sleep maintenance insomnia for 2 months now. My doctor prescribed me Ambien 5mg, but it didn’t work. Fast forward he gave me 6.25 of Ambien CR but it didn’t make me fall asleep. So he told me it was okay to take 5mg of regularAambien and the 6.25mg of... read more

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