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Lung Cancer Questions

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I have been exposed to pneumonia and I am 3 yrs cancer free from lung cancer right lung recection2?

Posted 12 days ago by KarenSciortino 0 answers

Should I be checked I do have a cough headache weakness and tired

NSC lung cancer. On Xalkori for 5 1/2 weeks now. Breathing worse in last week and lung pains in?

Posted 10 Oct 2016 by dedehans 0 answers

... both lungs. Normal? Lower left lung lobe removed in late July. I am 74 female. Take 200mg Xalkori 2x day. Constipated... no other side effects.

Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer - I have invasive squamous cell carcinoma caner and do not want to do any

Posted 28 Jul 2016 by sassyjohnson 1 answer

... treatment So If left along how long can I live?

Small Cell Lung Cancer - I hope its OK if I ask this here?

Posted 7 Apr 2016 by lmkugler 1 answer

I recently experienced partial loss of vision in one eye (it came back) but I was put in the hospital and they ran all sorts of tests. One was called a paraneoplastic test and the calcium channel N type antibody came back positive. Now my doctor wants to look for small cell lung cancer and I'm ...

Opdivo - what about severe rashes-mom is calling it a vaginal yeast infection?

Posted 16 Apr 2016 by velmajimison 1 answer

Mom won't call oncologist. She has been treated for several months now with no issues with intravenous Opdivo for her lung cancer. She developed a rash and went to urgent care only and is throwing up the antibiotics. I want to cry and tell her to go to her oncologist. I think she's ...

Small Cell Lung Cancer - My son's father was diagnosed with Copd. Two months later he was diagnosed?

Posted 14 Feb 2016 by Sandy V 1 answer

... with stage four small cell cancer. It has traveled to both lungs, lymph noids stomach and brain. I just can't understand why it's moved so fast. They only give him three months without chemo. Nine maybe with it. He started losing his hair today in big hunks. Broke my heart.

Sodium Chloride - Can someone with lung cancer benefit from using a salt therapy room?

Posted 20 Oct 2015 by Peacekeeping 1 answer

I have a good friend who has lung cancer and has chose not to do chemo or radiation! He does take pain medicine to try to control his pain! We have a salt therapy room coming to town that uses pharmaceutical sodium chloride salt that is disbursed into the room. They say it can help with breathing ...

Can you get chemotherapy if you have aortic valve replacement?

Posted 27 Oct 2015 by meme63 0 answers

had sternotomy and TAVR 1 year ago and just diagnosed with lung cancer

I have stage 4 lung cancer with lot effusion how fast this tarceva works to reduce effusion?

Posted 16 Sep 2015 by Munji 0 answers

Every two week they took out 2litters effusion

Natural Medicine - My grandmother has lung cancer and smoke still and can die at any moment. My?

Posted 27 Aug 2015 by Khall19 1 answer

... question is their a natural home remedies that will help her to recover back to health

Small Cell Lung Cancer - My dad was diagnosed with stage III small cell carcinoma one year ago.?

Posted 22 May 2015 by Rebobby 1 answer

... Against the odd after chemo and radiation of the lung and preventative radiation of the brain, he was given clean scans after treatment. A year almost the the date of the initial diagnosis, it has spread to his throat. It's frustrating that I can't find any info on his experience. ...

How long should dexamethasone 4mg tablets be taken for?

Posted 14 Apr 2015 2 answers

My mother has Been taking dexamethasone for 2&1/2 months she is bloated and her ankles are swollen should either of these be caused by taking this medication for such a long period. Everything I have read has been 10-20day supplements

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