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Lung Cancer Questions

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How effective is Lumakras, what's the survival rate?

How effective is Tabrecta?

Will Tabrecta cure lung cancer?

Is non-small cell lung cancer hereditary?

Is small cell or non-small cell lung cancer worse?

Does smoking cause non-small cell lung cancer?

How aggressive is non-small cell lung cancer?

How does pemetrexed work?

Why is it called non-small cell lung cancer?

What type of lung cancer is Vizimpro used to treat?

What type of drug is Lorbrena?

What condition is it used to treat?

Tramadol - can't swallow capsule, can I dilute in water?

I will like to enquire if the patient is above 75years old n suffering from last stage of lung cancer and unable to swallow a whole capsule, no choice to dilute with water, what can be done?

Is prednisone the correct med for lung inflammation?

Had lung surgery for lung cancer stage one year ago.. For precaution was given two rounds of chemo.should of had four but It caused a large area of inflammation in left lung. No reason given. Also the chemo gave me pneumonia in the left. Right lung is fine. Doc is giving me 40ml prednisone to try... read more

Common Types of Cancer Medications

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