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Lower Back Pain Questions

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Back pain associated with xarelto?

I started taking xarelto over a year ago. I started having lower back pain several months ago. I am a 66 year old male and realize that it is certainly possible that the back pain is not a side effect of xarelto. I also am aware that back pain is not an unusual side effect with the drug. My... read more

Taking Xarelto cause stiffness in lower back pain?

Ciprofloxacin - Does Cipro cause lower back pain?

On a 10 day dose for diverticulitis and only 2 days left. I am still in agony with a pain in my lower back left side, near to where the kidneys are. I don't know if this is a side effect of the Cipro or is it that this tablet isn't clearing my infection. The pain is really bad, other pain... read more

Scared the nerve pain won’t go away?

I have severe lower back pain that’s radiating down my legs. What is radiating down my leg are these awful painful spasms. I uncontrollably move my foot in weird directions, my leg uncontrollably shakes & hurts. I understand it’s nerve pain from the doctor . Does nerve pain act like... read more

What can cause lower back pain when your bladder is full?

When I wake up I have lower back pain that goes away after I empty my bladder , why

Can I use Voltaren gel for lower back pain? Is it better to use a heating pad or ice and how soon?

I have a pain in my lower back and want to use Voltaren gel on it but I didn't know if I should follow it up with an ice pack or follow up with a heating pad and which one is better or does it affect the treated area at all? How soon after putting the Voltaren on can I use the heating pad or... read more

Can Postior 2 cause lower back pain and weird feeling in abdomen?

I had sex (protected) for the first time and after we finished I realized that the condom broke. This was two weeks before my period based on me period tracker app. I took the morning after pill 4 hours after sex then the other 11 hours after. I later woke up with lower back pain and a weird... read more

Losartan interaction with low dose aspirin?

Generally, I take my medications in the morning, usually with food and have never had a problem. Recently, I began to suffer from lower back pain about the same time I began taking losartan 25mg. which apparently interacts with the Low Dose Aspirin (81mg) that I have been taking for years. Can this... read more

Has anyone tried weaning themselves off gabapentin and if so, what was your experience?

How much were you taking and how quickly or slowly did you wean yourself off? I've been on 900 mg daily for five years (for sciatica and lower back pain) and while the gabapentin has reduced the pain considerably, I am concerned about taking it for the rest of my life. I also am not sure if it... read more

What if I just took one dose of Plan B will will it work?

After taking the emergency contraceptives I am experiencing very sharp lower back pain. Might I be pregnant or is it a side effect of the drug?

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