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Mirena - I have had the iud in for 2 1/2 years now 2 weeks ago I had bad cramps with no period only?

Posted 18 Sep 2014 by Rvalisto 1 answer

... discharge with lower back pain it was like that for one week, then I started getting brown discharge and yesterday I started bleeding and today it's worst with cramp. Is that normal?

Tramadol made me sleep over 14 hrs?

Posted 13 Jul 2014 by Hubiscus Flower 4 answers

OK so I read someone on this site got tramadol for lower back pain too. I didn't or hasn't helped with pain really, but it did make me sleep for almost 16hrs :-( . Also I noticed for me its more like taking a happy pill and so I shared this odd experience with some ppl, and they said ...

Taking Xarelto cause stiffness in lower back pain?

Posted 13 Jan 2018 by apcp 3 answers

Back pain associated with xarelto?

Posted 24 Dec 2014 by hamtownman 12 answers

I started taking xarelto over a year ago. I started having lower back pain several months ago. I am a 66 year old male and realize that it is certainly possible that the back pain is not a side effect of xarelto. I also am aware that back pain is not an unusual side effect with the drug. My ...

Ciprofloxacin - Does Cipro cause lower back pain?

Posted 24 Jul 2017 by Anne1075 1 answer

On a 10 day dose for diverticulitis and only 2 days left. I am still in agony with a pain in my lower back left side, near to where the kidneys are. I don't know if this is a side effect of the Cipro or is it that this tablet isn't clearing my infection. The pain is really bad, other pain ...

Am on Xarelto as I was diagnosed with AF there years ago. The other meds taken with this drug are...

Posted 13 May 2018 by Pobble17 0 answers

... flecainide acetate and bisoprolol, am also taking lanzoprazole. I suffer from severe lower back pain and stiffness getting out of bed or after sitting for a period of time. Not sure if it is caused by the Xarelto or one of the other medicines or a combination. Can anyone else comment?

Are rare side-effects of Shingrix likely to be encountered more severely with the second dose?

Posted 24 Apr 2018 by Drugscr 0 answers

I am concerned that the severe side-effects I experienced from my first Shingrix vaccine (debilitating lower back pain, painful axillary lymph nodes, great toe joint pain) in addition to a very sore, hot vaccination site may re-occur or be worse with the second dose/injection. In your experience, ...

Can I use Voltaren gel for lower back pain? Is it better to use a heating pad or ice and how soon?

Posted 3 Jun 2017 by GiGiGreen 1 answer

I have a pain in my lower back and want to use Voltaren gel on it but I didn't know if I should follow it up with an ice pack or follow up with a heating pad and which one is better or does it affect the treated area at all? How soon after putting the Voltaren on can I use the heating pad or ...

I am taking a low dose (20mg) of fluoxetine (Prozac), can I take 50 mg of tramadol safely?

Posted 4 Oct 2017 by Shelley Ember 1 answer

I will not be taking the tramadol everyday, only as needed for lower back pain due to arthritis. I take the fluoxetine 20 mg 5 days a week only.

Scared the nerve pain won’t go away?

Posted 11 Jan 2018 by AML12118 1 answer

I have severe lower back pain that’s radiating down my legs. What is radiating down my leg are these awful painful spasms. I uncontrollably move my foot in weird directions, my leg uncontrollably shakes & hurts. I understand it’s nerve pain from the doctor . Does nerve pain act like ...

Anyone taking Keytruda and had flu shot followed with muscle/joint pain?

Posted 28 Nov 2017 by NARJAR 0 answers

I have an infusion every 3 weeks and in between infusions I had a flu shot. About 3 days later a nasty lower back pain. Not sure if related to the flu shot.

Anyone having lower back pain while on Viibryd?

Posted 24 Sep 2017 by maxeen 2 answers

This med has changed my life mentally. I have not felt this way in almost 30 years. I am a 68 yr young female. I have been on this med over 3 months. Unfortunately I have had a back ache since 2 weeks after starting this med. Please help!

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