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Lovan Questions

We found 6 questions associated with the 'Lovan' topic.

Fluoxetine - New to Lovan and experiencing heightened anxiety?

Posted 8 days ago by Roser80 0 answers

hi I was in Luvox for over 10 years & my doctor just prescribed me Lovan, she told me to just start on it in place of the Luvox .. However, I've only just stared taking it and my anxiety feels worse... I'm taking the medication to help with my anxiety, I don't suffer depression ...

Fluoxetine - I've been prescribed Lovan and Serequol for my panic attacks and anxiety?

Posted 9 Jul 2016 by beating depression 1 answer

I've been on Lovan 10mg for 5 days then i increased to 20mg on Sunday,i feel really nausiated,light headed,getting panic attacks,feel like I'm dying,is this a normal reaction,overall I've been on them for 11days I also take 50mg Serequol 1 morning and 50mg 1 night,was wondering if ...

Prozac - I have been taking Lovan (fluoxetine) 20mg tablets which is dispersed in water and then?

Posted 4 Aug 2016 by Suchisking 0 answers

... drank for nearly a year now. My doc has switched me over to the capsules. Has anyone switched from tablets to capsules before? Has been an easy transition? Or did side effects flare up again?

Seeking help from anyone who takes Saphris (Asenapine) and Prozac/Lovan (Fluoxetine) together?

Posted 3 Jun 2015 2 answers

Is anyone taking Fluoxetine and Saphris together for Anxiety, depression or bipolar? I was on 30mg of Fluoxetine and started on 5mg of Saphris (Asenapine) and my mood elevated dramatically... It scared me a bit so I lowered my dosage of Fluoxetine to 20mg and felt mush better... although my anxiety ...

Lovan for bulimia? Weight changes?

Posted 17 Jan 2015 by aussiedancer 1 answer

Hi, I have been suffering from bulimia for 3 years. I am a healthy weight and do not want to gain weight. My psychiatrist has given me lovan to stop the bingeing and purging and obsessive thoughts. I am terrified of weight gain though and as I'm a healthy weight I do not need to gain weight at ...

Prozac - Is normal to feel tierd while on Lovan?

Posted 5 Feb 2015 by MissLayla 1 answer

I've had Eustachian tube dysfunction for about a month now and my depression and anziety got worse for that period of time. The doctor gave zactin which didn't really go well with me so now I'm on Lovan. But I'm just thinking should I even be taking antidepressants as I'm ...

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