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Last Stage Liver Cirrhosis - How Long Till Someone Passes If They Still Continue To Drink?

My boyfriend was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver a year and a half ago. Since then he has become more of an alcoholic than ever. He hasn't seen a doctor in over a year and doesn't want to see one. When he was first diagnosed his platelets in his blood were low and they wanted to do... read more

What medications cause liver enzymes to be elevated?

Is Ibuprofen bad for your kidneys and liver?

Can Accutane cause permanent liver damage?

Does Ubrelvy affect the liver?

My mom has stage 4 cirrhosis and continues to drink, how long does she have?

Hi, my mom is 51 years old and she's been an alcoholic for as long as I can remember and she drinks straight vodka from the bottle 100 proof. She found out in October 2007 that she has stage 4 cirrhosis of the liver and that she needed a transplant. It's been over 5 yrs since she was... read more

I have been on Tramadol for back pain for eight years. I take 100mg twice a day. What are the?

... long term safety issues with this drug? I foresee myself taking it for the rest of my life. Should I be getting tested for anything? liver problems, etc?

Could taking tylenol 500 mg once or twice a day cause liver, kidney damage or lower back pain?

Or middle back pain? Maybe lower bacaj pain? Bloated Abdomen? Going to the GYN Friday

End Stage Cirrhosis - how long?

Hello, My brother was diagnosed with cirrhosis about a year ago and his doctor told him he needs a new liver. He told me about it about 8 weeks ago (we live 1500 miles apart and I do not see him very often). During the last 8 weeks, he has been in and out of the hospital because he keeps filling... read more

Does anyone understand the symbols F-1, F2, F3 or F4, as it relates to Hepatitis C and or Cirrhosis?

... Does it mean that F4 is worse? Or does it go as far as F-6? And, if not is F4 the end stage of liver cirrhosis and therefore untreatable? And, does anyone know how this all fits in with being the hep c genotype of 1a or 1b? I know that Harvoni favors 1a patients for using the drug, which I am... read more

Is Excedrin Harmful to Kidneys or Liver Over a Period of Time?

I have have taking Excedrin for many many, years for migraine and am concerned whether it is harmful to my kidneys or liver.

I was diagnosed with Cirrhosis of Liver in Dec 13 excess alcohol consumption. Can I take beer?

I was taking alcohol occasionally for last 10 years. But it became regular since 2010. Then, from April 2013 the quantity became 180ml to 540ml daily with no choice of brand. But after diagnosis, I stopped drink totally. All my tests became normal in Aug 2014 reports. But for last 15 days I started... read more

Will Tramadol 50mg 4-8 times a day affect your liver?

My husband has almost all of the side effects of Tramadol. I'm guessing 3/4s of them. The only thing I didn't see on there was anything about how it effects your liver.

How well does the wallace fisher stimulator really work?

I have been on antidepressants and pain meds for years and have suffered severe liver damage resulting in liver shut down so I am now off all meds and struggling to cope. Due to cancer only have one kidney which complicates prescription issue even further. Looking for any non med treatment that may... read more

Liver Cirrhosis - My husband was diagnosed with Alcoholic Cirrhosis of the liver in July 2013. He?

... immediately quit drinking. He went down hill very quickly. The worst being May of 2014, when he ended up in ICU with HE. He was given the drug rifaximin. Since that time, it has been nothing short of a miracle. Still not drinking since his initial diagnosis, which I know has been key, but he... read more

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