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Liothyronine Questions


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Why am I gaining weight on SRT3 (liothyronine)?

Posted 23 May 2013 by fcassell 2 answers

I've been taking liothyronine 22.5 mcg for 4 months and have been steadily gaining weight. My doctor said she didn't understand why I was gaining weight because even if my appetite was increased, I should have been burning everything off. I had a thyroid blood panel done and it was ...

Levothyroxine and liothyronine with coffee/milk?

Posted 30 Dec 2014 by Jennifer1974 1 answer

I have been taking my Levothyroxine (100 mcg) and liothyronine (25mcg) when I awaken in the morning with a glass of water. I also consume coffee (2 cups total) with sugar and a little bit of milk during the first hour while getting ready for work. Is there enough calcium that it could be ...

Why am l still gaining weight l have been taking 75 micrograms levothyroxine for years?

Posted 6 Mar 2017 by christ1ne10 2 answers

l have a under active thyroid. Could l take liothyronine alongside to help lose some weight

Why am I gaining weight on liothyronine?

Posted 2 Mar 2013 by fcassell 2 answers

I'm becoming increasingly *livid* becuause of the gradual weight gain I've seen since having started liothyronine one month ago. My maintenance dosage is 45mcg, which I am currently taking. Will this weight gain stop eventually? How long before I will lose this weight that I have gained? ...

Liothyronine - weight gain, depression and breathing problems, should I switch?

Posted 10 Sep 2012 by mjcrowley 2 answers

I have been super depressed, gained 20 pounds, and having a hard time breathing. I started this medicatino about 2 months ago and have had these symptoms for a month. My thyroid is stable on this drug. Should I switch and is there any better? It seems that in the reviews from others the fixed ...

Underactive thyroid, constantly tired, also take warfarin, cerazette,Byetta & metformin, any advice?

Posted 24 May 2011 by julietaylor 2 answers

My TSH level should be 12 - 22, but mine reads 0.5. I am on 60mcg liothyronine per day?My thyroid became underactive 18 years ago. I have been tired, overweight and dry skinned ever since. I was taking a very high dose of thyroxine for years but had no effect. I was changed to liothyronine about 14 ...

Liothyronine - what other medical condition does this drug treat?

Posted 25 Feb 2011 by lorri63 1 answer

need to know if it is used in any mental illness

Is Liothyronine 5mcg gluten free?

Posted 30 Jun 2014 by pinkclouds 1 answer

I have Celiac and need to be gluten free, also what is the base of the filler

My wife utilizes the following Naturopathic Doctor prescribed drugs and has done so for the past two

Posted 16 Jul 2011 by rssarch1 2 answers

... + years: oxycod/apap 325 mg, 150 per month oxycontin 10 mg 60 per month provigil 200 mg 30 per month liothyronine 25 mcg 136 per month prometrium 200 mg 53 per month levothyroxin 0.1 mg 30 per month clonazepam 1 mg 45 per month Reason: fybromyalgia and chronic fatigue. I have many, many ...

I am getting very confused. I have been taking Liothyronine for about 2 years. I have been told and?

Posted 12 Feb 2013 by tillery209 1 answer

... read to take my meds before TSH bloodwork and other info has said not to take before bloodwork. A very well known pharmacy accidentally gave me 25mg pills mixed in with my 5mg pills. I might have taken 100mg instead ofvj my 20mg and mix doctor wants to make sure the mix up didn't throw my ...

Is anyone taking liothyronine (cytomel) and breastfeeding? Worried?

Posted 4 Jul 2013 by kmisskelly 1 answer

My dr has prescribed me liothyronine t3 thyroid replacement for hypothyroidism. I am breastfeeding a 1 y.o. conflicting studies say its fine to take with others saying it's unsafe. Even my pharmacist said no studies on nursing infants have been done and to use at my discretion. I am curious to ...

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