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Lichen Sclerosus Questions

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How do you apply clobetasol propionate for lichen sclerosus?

Is Diprolene available over-the-counter (OTC)?

Diprolene: AF vs Augmented vs Regular - What does this mean?

Can you buy Luxiq foam over-the-counter (OTC)?

After using clobetasol for vaginal lichen sclerosus, my skin in deep red-purple?

Does this happen to anyone else? I'm also nursing and am worried that the drug might be too strong for me, and therefore my baby, due to the reaction I'm seeing. The white skin (the first symptom I noticed that led me to go to the Dr.) is now turning an ashen gray. I've called my... read more

Lichen Sclerosus - Is there any non-prescription medication that is safe to use on Lichen Sclerosis?

... in the vaginal area? I had this condition 2yrs. ago and my dermatologist said it could pop up again or may not. She is no longer practicing and I no longer have Clobetasol. I would like to know if there is anything else that I could try before going to the expense of a Dr. Visit and also a... read more

Lichen sclerosis and waxing?

I've had Brazilian waxing done in the past and had no issues. I am 29 and have just been diagnosed with lichen sclerosis. My doctor says that I do not have any visual symptoms of the condition but is diagnosing me based on these fact: I am extremely itchy on my vulva and labia and I made an... read more

Lichen Sclerosus - I have open skin from splitting. Is it okay to use clobetasol?

I have lichen sclerosis and my skin is splitting.

Can clobetasol cause boils/abscesses such as carbuncle on the inner labia?

I have developed what I believe to be possibly an infected hair follicle or blocked sweat gland on my inner labia. I had it before, but never quite this bad. I am wondering if overuse and/or improper use of clobetasol could possibly cause this type of problem?

Diprolene - What is used for on legs or stomach?

I mean I really don't know how it's used on the body

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