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Levodopa Questions

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How long does it take carbidopa levodopa to work?

What foods should be avoided when taking levodopa?

How often should carbidopa/levodopa be taken?

Can carbidopa/levodopa cause high blood pressure?

How does levodopa help Parkinson's disease?

What is the difference between carbidopa, levodopa, and Rytary?

How much does Inbrija cost?

When is the best time to take Ongentys?

Would combining a dopamine agonist(Mirapex,Levodopa) with amphetamine(adderall) be benefical?

My current situation is this, I am extremely confident that an increase in my Adderall dosage would be the most advantageous in treating my ADHD. Unfortunately my doctor did not agree but conceded that an additional pharmacological intervention targeting dopamine was warranted. Hence I am now... read more

Sinemet - mom has parkinsons and is taking carbidopa/levodopa 25/100?

does her small size 98lb effect the medicine results? She is in conflict on how much medicine to use. different people have told her it is to strong. I wanted to follow doctors paper of instruction and called his office his nurse [can't talk to dr fazl] said to lower dose to 1/2 pill for... read more

Ambien - Associated with RLS patient?

I was diagnosed RLS, have very difficult to falling sleep. I've been taking Gabapentin 900mg and Levodopa, but it seems that it's wearing off and I don't want to increase more. Gabapentin is supposed to help sleep but not helping me at all. My average sleep duration is 4 hours.... read more

Side effect of carbidopa / levodopa 25-100mg 3 times a day?

Recently I was diagnosed with PD and put on carbidopa / levodopa 25-100mg 3 times a day to help with the tremors. For lack of a better way to describe this I experience dizziness. I go down like a ton of bricks and everything I see is spinning or scrolling. Thinking I had stage III of PD I called... read more

What are the cardiac side effects of levodopa?

What are the cardiac side effects of levodopa? I read hypertension and hypotension and I didn't understand

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