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I just started on levlen ED, instructions say to start in the red zone, on the corresponding day,?

Posted 12 Dec 2014 by Elyzian 1 answer

... but that day is a friday sugar pill and the following saturday and sunday are hormone pills.. do I take them or go to the start of the sugar pills and take them so I have taken all sugar pills, have 1 day of no pill, then begin the hormone saturday and so on pill?

Levlen ED - Skipping a period?

Posted 25 Oct 2014 by red98 1 answer

I'v read about not taking the 7 inactive (white pills in the red section) and starting a new packet to skip your period for that month. I have two questions, does this include skipping the two white pills before the red section or should I take them as normal then go onto the other packet to ...

Am I at risk after an 8 day pill free break?

Posted 3 days ago 0 answers

I accidentally took two pills in one day which meant that I finished my pack a day early- on a Thursday instead of the usual Friday. I usually start my new pack on a Saturday, so I waited until then to start my most recent pack in order to readjust my cycle. This meant that I had an 8 day pill ...

Hi, I'm in Spain for a few months and are going to be a few weeks short of my Levlen ED?

Posted 9 Nov 2017 by KayleneB 0 answers

... Levonorgestrel150mg and Ethinyloestradiol 30mgs. The pharmacy here in Spain has given me their version but it is on 100mg and 20mg. I take this to treat my severe endometrosis. Will I be ok if I double up the lower ones? Any suggestions?

Breakthrough bleeding during second pack of Levlen ED and now on sugar pills?

Posted 7 Jul 2017 by RandomSammy 0 answers

Hi, after a year of having a break from birth control, I started back on 20th of May and skipped my first period on the first month of starting due to water activities. Second weeks into the second pack, I had breakthrough bleeding and now I am on my last day of the sugar pill. My doctor says my ...

I've been on Levlen for a while now and am going on a little holiday just for 5 days next month...

Posted 14 Jun 2017 by jessica6789 0 answers

... and figured out I'm going to get my period when I'm there. How do I prevent this? Do I just keep taking the normal active pill instead of the sugar pill?

I'm scared I'm pregnant?

Posted 3 May 2017 by Meisacutiepie 0 answers

I take the contraceptive pill (levlen ed). I usually use condoms but I "grinded" against my boyfriend for 2 mins before he put it inside for about a minute before I asked him to stop. Bleeding after sex is normal for me and I have seen the doctor and the tests are pending. I'm just ...

If I have started the first week on Levlen ED but am due for my period in a couple of days do I skip

Posted 27 Jan 2017 by Hdjdjdndnkd 0 answers

... a couple of weeks and go down to the 2 white pills on the right day? This table is confusing me, I need as much help as I can get please.

Levlen - Birth control pill, I went off the pill because I was bleeding and wanted to start fresh,?

Posted 26 Dec 2016 by Sally96 1 answer

... I've been taking the birth control pill for 8 days now I had sex with my boyfriend and he injaculated in me on the 8th day am I still protected ? Or should I get the morning after pill ?

Levlen - This is my fourth month using the pill but second month skipping them in a row, this time I

Posted 23 Dec 2016 by KellyM92 0 answers

... think it has failed as I have continuous brown/red spotting very light.. I'm coming to the end of my first week of the yellow pill after trying to skip them and it's still going.. what can I do?

Levlen - When skipping a period is it possible to still get PMS?

Posted 12 Jan 2017 by lizziedynan 0 answers

I was wondering if it is possible to still get PMS or any other kinds of symptoms that happen when i'm usually on my period? (obviously excluding bleeding)

On Levlen ED and getting my period on the 2nd sugar pill?

Posted 26 Oct 2016 by JCastles1 1 answer

Before i even get to the red section. Can i take the friday active pill the skip all 7 sugar pills and go to the monday active pill even though its not monday

Levlen - Took the wrong pill on accident HELP?

Posted 15 Oct 2016 by kimberleychan97 0 answers

I'm supposed to be starting a non-active, sugar pill today (Saturday) but accidentally took an active, hormone pill instead. Do I just continue with a non-active pill tomorrow (Sunday)? Do I then continue with the regular active pill (it'll be a new packet) after I'm done with the ...

Just stopped birth control – condom broke?

Posted 30 Oct 2016 by sder314 0 answers

I recently decided to stop taking my birth control pills for a couple of months (with the advice of a specialist) for certain medical reasons. So I finished the active pills in my packet, and then stopped (so technically like taking the placebo pills), and got my period as usual. During that week ...

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