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Does anyone have experience taking Sulfasalazine or Leflunomide for seronegative RA?

Posted 27 Nov 2012 by Retiredelfin 6 answers

Hello. My doctor took me off the Methotrexate because I thought I was having negative reactions to it... meaning I was attributing the reactions to the introduction of the drug and not menopause or climate change. I am unclear if that was the source as over 2 weeks later I am still having some ...

What otc medications can I take for a severe cold while I am taking leflunomide and prednisone?

Posted 26 Dec 2013 by JulieIsenhower 2 answers

i have a severe cold (with chest congestion) and i am taking leflunomide and prednisone. what over the counter medicines (such as guaifenesin) can i take?

Can you tell me if methotrexate 25mg weekly can cause palpitations?

Posted 30 Mar 2013 by alisonhoney 2 answers

I get palpitations sometimes approx 20 times a day. It's driving me mad and can be quite frightening. I have been on methotrexate 25mg for RA for almost 2 years. I am also taking leflunomide 10mg daily. I would be grateful for advise you could give me. Thanks.

Has anyone had a problem with their liver on leflunomide?

Posted 2 Feb 2011 by owensdr 4 answers

I heard that a side effect could be liver damage. I am experiencing liver pain and lower back pain. Been on the drug over a year and haven't noticed too much reduced pain with my RA. Dr. had me on 2x a day. I put myself on 1x a day 6 mos. ago. Will go in for blood work next week.

My doctor has asked me to consider taken leflunomide to treat RA, is there anything else instead?

Posted 21 May 2012 by lindacarr 1 answer

I also have diabetes controlled type 2. Is there an alternate medication other than methotrexate that I can take. If I agree to try this medication I have to sign a consent form, which worries me.

Is severe sweating a problem with leflunomide?

Posted 30 Sep 2012 by taner 1 answer

i started taking leflunomide about two months ago and i not sure if thats when it started for sure but it is so bad that my arms,neck,face head sweat really badly and this is all the time and i have to stay in front of a fan.

When can I drink alcohol after stopping Arava (Leflunomide)?

Posted 1 Sep 2016 by DanielJ205 1 answer

I took 20mg of Arava for two months. I stopped this medication a week ago however I am aware that the half life of Leflunomide is 14 - 18 days. Please advise whether I can drink alcohol now that I am no longer taking these tablets or do I need to wait? If I do need to wait, any idea how long for? ...

Drinking alcohol while using Leflunomide?

Posted 27 Feb 2010 by joy1955 1 answer

This is my first subscription and I don't know if I should drink or not.

I had to go to the bathroom 18 times a night while on Leflunomide. Is this normal?

Posted 22 Aug 2010 by dtallman 1 answer

I took the Leflunomide for a month. The frequent urination got worse the longer I took it. I stopped taking it and the frequent urination at night stopped. My rheumatologist says that he doesn't think the Leflunomide would cause this and told me to start taking it again.

Leflunomide - are the side effects similar to methotrexate?

Posted 11 Mar 2012 by Cax 1 answer

I was unable to continue that drug due to its side effects- nausea, lethargy and depression, weakness

Leflunomide - I have lower stomach pain, since taking this drug, anyone else have this?

Posted 17 May 2013 by Happyshopper 1 answer

The pain is terrible upon standing and walking and evacuating... I only started the pill 10mg 6 days ago, and started having pain the 4th day. I took my last one last night, and will not take anymore. Has anyone else had stomach problems. I feel a bit nauseatd, and don't want to eat...

Leflunomide - what is good generic brand for liflunomide?

Posted 7 Jun 2013 by gordon5536 1 answer

arava is the company main brand. Leflunomide is the generic brand. most raters use both names. Who is useing the main brand and who is useing the generic brand. I have had some troubles with some generic brands and am looking for a good rating on generic leflunomide. brand.

I have severe tingling, numbness, burning feelings in my toes, have been on Leflunomide for 6 mos.?

Posted 10 Jul 2013 by bogey8210 1 answer

... for RA., anyone else reported these as a side effect?

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