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Januvia Questions

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When is the best time to take Januvia?

How long does it take for Januvia to work?

Does Januvia cause weight gain or loss?

What is Januvia used for and how does it work?

Can Victoza and Januvia be used together?

Can Januvia and Invokana be taken together?

When will generic Januvia be out ?

Januvia is the only diabetic med I take. Should I take it in AM or PM?

AM testing is consistantly over 100. Runs under 100 throughout the day

Any substitute for januvia?

How long will it take for Januvia to start helping blood sugar levels?

I started taking Januvia 4 days, but fasting blood surgar level has not been changed.

Januvia WithDraws??

My husband just recently stopped Januvia 100mg 1xday because of it raising his B.G to very unacceptable high levels! While on the Januvia he experienced all kinds of terrible side effects. Now he is only taking an insulin shot of Lantus @ night time and two Glipizides 10mg in the morning. His B.G... read more

What happens if by accident someone who does not take Januvia or is not diabetic takes by mistake?

... thinking it was ibuprfoen (3) januvia were taking by accident

Can I cut a januvia pill in half?

Why would my blood sugar go up when taking Januvia and not come down after stopping it?

My blood sugars went up when I started taking Januvia. I stopped taking it and they are not going down, why would this happen?

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