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Injury Questions

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What is the best way to reduce swelling in your face?

Does COVID-19 cause heart injury?

Effexor and Tramadol?

I take 150mg Effexor XR at 6pm everyday have done so for many years. I was prescribed Tramadol 50mg 1-2, 2 times a day for a workplace injury. I have read that the two can Interact and cause the body to produce to much serotonin leading to mild or severe serotonin syndrome. On the contrary I also... read more

How Can I Treat Muscle Strain or Pain?

Diltiazem HCL180mg is causing weight gain and distended stomach. I'm concerned?

Am concerned because weight gain has caused the high blood pressure. A foot injury forced me to quit my gym and every blood pressure Rx has caused stomach problems and Diltiazem made me gain weight in a short time. Any suggestions? I've tried Hyzaar, Cozaar, Losartan etc.

Can amitriptyline cause palpitations?

My docteur prescribed 10 mg a day(at night) to control pain following a shoulder and arm injury that is very long to get better. I took it for 2 days and did not sleep because of palpitations. Today I took it in the morning to see the difference. Ever happened to you? thx

High Blood Pressure - Hi I am taking lisinopril/hctz 20-12.5 and Toprol XL 100 and recently my BP is

... going sky high and they upped my Lisinopril to double the dose still isn't going down much. My weight is good, I exercise and eat healthy. I was wondering if a recent injury I had to my arm/shoulder when using pain pills could have caused this spike? I was on them for quite a while. Approx... read more

I've been on 1200mg a day (600mg morning / 600mg night) of Lyrica for approximately 3 months.

I'm on Lyrica.for a spinal injury do to herniated lumbar disc. I've read about all the horrible side effects and I want to get off. What kind of side effects am I looking at and also how should I attempt to cut down?

Are the side effects of gabapentin serious?

I have been recommended gabapentin for extreme nerve pain in my leg caused by the nerve injury throughout vein surgery. The pain is worse by walking and sometimes I am disabled for days/weeks. I have met professor / doctor / surgeon in Europe. He highly advise me not to take this medication. He... read more

Does a 20mg dose of fluoxetine taken every 24 hours work till next dose taken 24 hours later?

After a debilitating head injury 30 years ago, and as a result of serious depression from that event; 20mg Fluoxetine (originally Prozac) in the morning, and 25mg doxepin at night, which was essentially to promote sleep, were prescribed. Both meds have consistently been used & worked well.... read more

Spinal Cord Injury - Prialt users for SCI chronic pain?

Gabapentin and Baclofen stop helping. Epidurals and finally got a pain pump and try Dilaudid. Just got on prialt. Can you tell me what to expect? Is there anything else I can try? I've also tried acupuncture.

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