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Indigestion Questions

Related terms: Dyspepsia, Uncomfortable fullness after meals

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Can you give Pepto Bismol to kids?

How long does it take for Pepto Bismol to work?

What foods should I avoid when taking omeprazole?

Is famotidine safer than omeprazole for heartburn?

Can you take an antacid with omeprazole?

Nexium vs Prilosec: What's the difference between them?

Why does Pepto-Bismol turn your tongue black?

Does omeprazole cause cancer?

Can proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) be used long-term?

Heartburn vs Acid Reflux vs GERD - What is the difference?

When is the best time to take Omeprazole?

when is the best time to take omeprazole 20 mg, i have acid in my stomach due to a medical condition i have for life Chilaiditi syndrome, and i have read that its best before food, but need to take 5am in the morning when i get up ( go to the loo) otherwise i vomit, i have to take two per day at... read more

Omeprazole - should I be taking zantac and prilosec both daily ?

I was prescribed zantac 150 mg twice daily , then was prescribed prilosec Dr 20mg once daily. I was never told to stop the first medication. Should I be taking both ?

Hi all, Citalopram & Omeprazole question?

I have just been told by a member of the site, that you shouldn't take the 2 together, that the Omeprazole causes the Citalopram to stay in the blood stream longer, & could potentially cause serotonin overdose... Has anyone else heard this? I checked for interactions & nothing came up

How long before I feel relief while taking omeprazole?

After taking my first omeprazole, then eating breakfast, I experienced the same painful heartburn and sore stomach area. Does it take a while to work? If so, how long?

Does Trazodone cause indigestion and/or heartburn?

I recently was prescribed Trazodone 50mg at night for insomnia and depression. After the first dose last night, I have struggled all day with significant indigestion and heartburn. I've read all the reviews and no one has mentioned anything about these side effects.

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