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Imodium Questions

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How long does Imodium stop diarrhea for?

How to stop diarrhea - any medicine or remedy suggestions?

Looking for any tips on how to get rid of diarrhea. What drugs or home remedies worked and what foods should you eat or avoid?

I took one Imodium multi-symptom tablet, and the next day I couldn't use the restroom, is this?

... normal? I know it's supposed to relieve diarrhea, but how long does the effect last?

Imodium A-D - will immodium help IBS symptoms?

Duloxetine - Has anyone had diarrea while on cymbalta?

I have had diarrhea with the generic and Cymbalta. I'm on 20mg a day and its been 3 weeks, and I go 3 times a day. I talked to the Dr. and she said take imodium, it helps somewhat, I can't keep taking it. I have lost 3 lbs and I am done with dealing with this. Help! Bonnie

How long can you safely take Imodium?

Is it o.k. To take Imodium for long periods of time?

I have costant diheria,the only thing that helps is taking Imodium daily,is this safe to do this?

I have just started taking amoxicillian 875 mg and having bad diarrhea , can I take Imodium or some?

thing else or should I stop the antibodic as my doctor is not available this weekend , It was prescribed for a sinus infection

Using Imodium for stress and anxiety?

Hi, I am 20 and have been using Imodium for about a year now. Before that I use to suffer from diarrhea daily and go to the bathroom all the time cause I always felt like I need to go and I couldn't help it and I was also nervous when I went out anywhere. By taking 4 tablets daily i don't... read more

What type of food can I eat when taking Imodium ?

Imodium A-D - Can taking a dose of Imodium cause brief period of constipation?

Had serious diarrhea took a couple of doses of Imodium no bowel movement for 48 hrs

Diarrhea, Sneezing, Runny Nose with Melatonin?

I was taking 1 mg of Melatonin for about 3 months for sleep after my Bro died & it worked so well for sleep. Suddenly I started having acute diarrhea. I couldn't even go out. Tried Immodium, a special diet... you name it, I tried it. I didn't even think of Melatonin as the culprit as... read more

What can I take at home for diarrhea?

Have sever diarrhea, what can I put together at home to stop the runs?

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