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Hypocalcemia Questions

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How does hypocalcemia effect on PR interval?

Posted 13 Aug 2016 by Dolefuppy 0 answers

ECG electrolit disbalance

Has anyone had a manufacturer change on Calcitriol and had an extreme reaction?

Posted 26 Dec 2015 by lveilleux71 0 answers

This happened to me within 3 weeks of taking this new manufacturer & I ended up in the hospital for 5 days as it caused me to go from hypocalcemic to hypercalcemic. This also caused my potassium & magnesium levels to go to critical lows that required IV medications. I've never been ...

How likely is vitamin d to cause high calcium levels?

Posted 20 Jan 2016 by James999 0 answers

Hi. I was wondering what are the chances of having high blood calcium due to excess vitamin D intake. I've had symptoms which make me think I might have high calcium levels. My thyroid gland is ok as it was tested just a week ago. A year ago my vitamin D was at 124(can't remember units ...

Parathyroid gland low with other things on blood test?

Posted 18 Aug 2012 by questionthatneed 1 answer

parathyroid gland is low 10.3 normal is 11-67 vitamin d was marked alert 32 normal range is 30-100 ANIONgp low , 9 - 18 alkphos low 47 normal is 53 - 128 (bone density calcium borderline high 10.4 normal is 8.4 - 10.4 egfr >60 RBC high 6.0 normal is 4.4-5.9 B12 and Iron were ok I'm ...

Calcitriol - fast heart rate, diarrhea, vomiting, metallic taste - are these side effects?

Posted 9 Sep 2010 by mom of 5 1 answer

I have been taking calsitriol for a week now. since I started taking it I have been having a fast heart rate, diarrhea, vomiting, a metal taste in my mouth, and bad headaches. I have also lost my appetite. Is this normal when you first start ? Will it go away ? I am taking .25mcg twice a day with ...

Can anyone please tell me the date when the page Omeprazole - side effects - was added to the site?

Posted 4 Dec 2009 by wrinklysteve 1 answer

I was found to have a serious reaction to Omeprazole in 2005 - in particular hypomagnesemia, hypocalcemia and hypokalemia, after a 3 month period of reduced health including gout, tetany, muscle cramps etc etc. Hospital specialists were unaware of a connection with Omeprazole which was eventually ...

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