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Hypertension Questions

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Does caffeine cause high blood pressure?

Losartan vs Valsartan - What's the difference between them?

Is high blood pressure considered heart disease?

How is atenolol superior to metoprolol?

Is high blood pressure a risk factor for COVID-19?

What is the strength of Qbrelis (lisinopril) oral solution?

How are hypertension, heart disease and stroke related?

What is Byvalson used for?

What drugs are contained in Consensi?

I definitely have erectile dysfunction when I am on Amlodipine Besilate, anyone else?

Am I alone or has anybody else have similar experience. I am not taking any other medication. I had stopped the drug for a few days and things were very normal

Can amlodipine cause swelling in the feet and ankles?

I take amlodipine 10 mg tab camb,1 tablet a day.I have severe swelling in my feet ankles & going up my calves,the dr. said that the amlodipine could be causing this & i should stop taking it & monitor my blood pressure.Does this sound right?

HAIR LOSS - I've been taking labetalol for 3 months now, 800 mg per day and now am experiencing?

... excessive hair loss! Has anyone else noticed this while taking labetalol ? My cardiologist denies that this could be a side effect of labetalol. I do also take 3 other BP meds (micardis, clonidine and norvasc). I'd appreciate hearing from others who have experienced the same problem. Thank... read more

Did Losartan make you bruise easy and feel bad?

I have been taking Losartan for 8 months and recently I have started to bruise easy and I just do not feel well. My DR says it is just in my head. But I also feel like I am having axiety all the time. I read on my sheet from the pharmacy that these are all side effects but my Dr thinks that those... read more

Is bystolic better than metoprolol for treating hypertension?

Has anyone been on metroprolol that is now on bystolic and finds it anymore effective or with less side effects? I'm 26 and have a genetic history for hypertension and tachycardia. My doctor had me trying 5mg samples and it seemed to work at keeping my BP and HR in normal ranges and I... read more

Is it better to take Metoprolol in the morning or at night?

I take anxiety and ADD meds during the day and my doctor said to try taking the metoprolol at night because I was feeling fatigued later in the evenings?

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