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Is there any interaction between ginkgo biloba and Atacand (taking 8mg twice daily)?

Posted 2 days 16 hours ago by Springup4319 0 answers

Hi My dad has been taking Atacand 8mg twice daily for many years and he wants to take a herbal extract of Ginkgo biloba for ringing in the ear. Is there any serious interaction between those two?

How can I find any OTC's that may interact with my meds, including herbal supplements?

Posted 8 days ago by Bango45 0 answers

I am trying to establish the list of any and all meds I take regularly or periodically. I would like to include any OTC's or herbal supplements that I have also been taking. I'm interested to know if any I am taking may present a problem with my current diagnosis and meds

Why are bipolar persons not used for antidepressant screening?

Posted 19 Jun 2017 by LaraE2 1 answer

Hi, I am bipolar and I have the most rapid forms if cycling. Everything can make me switch, including herbal remedies that are known or are just becoming known to be antidepressants. There must be thousands and thousands of people like me. Why are we not employed to screen for substances that ...

Are herbal remedies ok to try with severe anxiety and panic disorder?

Posted 1 Apr 2017 by wyominganxiety 4 answers

I have severe anxiety and panic attacks and have tried various meds but have horrible side effects so was planning on trying a more natural remedy, any input?

Herbal remedies for heavy menstrual flow with Xarelto?

Posted 13 Feb 2017 by SadieM 1 answer

Hello, I was in the ER with deep vein thrombosis this past Wednesday and started taking Xarelto the next day. The swelling has improved somewhat and I no longer have a purple leg so I figure that's some good progress. To provide some backstory, I am 37 years old and was on cyestra 35 since ...

Are vitamins/herbal/medications shipped in freezing temperatures still effective?

Posted 23 Dec 2016 by sara12345 2 answers

Can prescription medications, vitamins, and herbal medications be affected by cold temperatures? Or if you have idea, what temperature range is too cold for them to be shipped without affecting the effectiveness of them?

After one dose of alendronate I have been constipated, not gone to bathroom in five days now. Just?

Posted 11 Sep 2016 by Wee ones 0 answers

... took my second dose yesterday and now really worried that it is going to make it worse. Has anyone else had this effect and if so how did you counteract it? I take herbal laxatives and Restoralax which usually work wonders on me (have IBS too). Does anyone know if the herbs used in herbal ...

Would it be safe for someone who takes tramadol daily to take LOW DOSE trazodone just at bedtime?

Posted 10 May 2016 by mia521 5 answers

I take tramadol 50-100mg, 2-3x/day for moderate to severe endometriosis pain (for several years). I'm battling a particularly stubborn bought of insomnia and melatonin/herbal remedies are failing me. I prefer not to take benzodiazepines or Ambien, Soma, or anything of that nature. Have had ...

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