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Heart Failure Questions

Related terms: Congestive Heart Failure, CHF

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How can you check for heart disease at home?

Should you drink a lot of water when taking Lasix?

Can I take ibuprofen with blood pressure medications?

What are the equivalent dosages of bumetanide, furosemide & torsemide?

Which drugs increase ejection fraction?

What is the antidote for warfarin?

Losartan vs Valsartan - What's the difference between them?

What is the normal ejection fraction of the heart?

Does walking/exercise improve ejection fraction?

How much does Entresto cost per month?

How long does it take for Farxiga to work?

Is Entresto a blood thinner and does it lower blood pressure?

Does Farxiga cause weight loss?

What is Farxiga used for and how does it work?

Can Farxiga cause kidney damage?

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