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Heart Attack Questions

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What is the strongest pain medication I can take for chronic back pain?

I have had several heart attacks and have 2 stents in my heart. i also have stents in both legs. this is due to vascular disease. i have chronic back pain and have been on lortab 10 for a couple of years - 2x a day. they don't seem to help anymore. i also take plavix,asprin,and a number of... read more

How can you check for heart disease at home?

Can you take tramadol with acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or aspirin?

Metoprolol Succinate vs Tartrate - What's the difference between them?

How long do I have to take Brilinta after a stent or heart attack?

Losartan vs Valsartan - What's the difference between them?

What is the difference between Leqvio and Repatha?

Brilinta vs Plavix: what's the difference?

Which is better or more effective Brilinta or Plavix?

Does caffeine cause high blood pressure?

What are the side effects of beta blockers?

Is Brilinta a blood thinner or antiplatelet?

Is there a generic for Brilinta?

Is generic ticagrelor available?

How long should Brilinta be held/stopped before surgery?

Is Activase the same as tPA?

How does Praluent work?

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