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When will swimmers ear pain / hearing loss subside?

Posted 14 hours ago by AaaAnon12344 0 answers

I have swimmers ear and I got ear drops today from the doctor. I was wondering about how long until the pain subsides. I can also barely hear out of the infected ear so I was wondering about how long until I will be able to hear normally again. Thanks!! :)

I've had an ear infection for about a week. It's better but how long will it take for ear to open?

Posted 14 Jun 2017 by sjkkillian 0 answers

Last Saturday night (June 3rd) I developed a very bad earache to the point where I went to the doctors that Sunday. The earache came with some draining, ringing in the ear, and hearing loss. The doctor said I had a hole in my ear and that my ear was infected. She gave me some medication to take ...

Does Remicade have a side effect of hearing loss?

Posted 18 Mar 2018 by CJCALL 1 answer

Roaccutane and hearing loss?

Posted 12 Mar 2018 by Samam 0 answers

Hello all, I’m 34 and have had PCOS for some time, my periods have actually been fine but excess hair, head hair loss and acne have been pretty bad over the years! I took a 6 month course of Roaccutane in 2009 when my facial acne was particularly bad and no topicals or antibiotics worked. In ...

To Vickie I saw your post on you tube please message me I believe I have BMS and it’s?

Posted 13 Jan 2018 by Martinez80 1 answer

Affecting my quality of life I was just seen my an ENT and she said that I have Acid reflux. Have an appt with the Gasto coming up wanted to see what u think. Looking forward on hearing what u have to say thx, John

Does taking meloxicam and tramadol together cause ringing in the ears and hearing lost? Will porg?

Posted 3 Jan 2018 by Jonesy23 0 answers

every since I started taken tramadol, which was added 6 weeks ago I have a Increase of ringing in ears.

Cogan's Syndrome - I was Dx with Cogans syndrome in Nov.2017. Unfortunately, not before suffering?

Posted 10 Feb 2018 by Kelcher 0 answers

... with completely irresponsible deafness to one ear and almost complete deafness to the other. It started with my eyes then my ears. I was being treated for Ménière’s disease with sudden hearing loss and vertigo.But I knew there was more going on with me. I felt as though I ...

The doctor has me using Debrox for 3 days to soften the wax prior to flushing out my ears. Is it?

Posted 23 Jan 2018 by 131Steve 0 answers

... common for things to get worse before they get better. My ears were both impacted, but I could hear better out of the left ear. The Debrox worked the first day but now hearing is coming and going in that ear. It seems like the wax is softening and moving in and out of the canal blocking it as ...

Had a tkr on left knee 4 months ago, now I’m hearing loud clicking sounds in my knee when I move?

Posted 7 Jan 2018 by Mysticalcat 0 answers

... my foot and it pinching feeling inside along with the pain. Can anyone help me I had therapy right from the start, my knee was really hard to get motion when they tried to bend it after 2 months they wanted me to see my Dr sooner than my original appointment they said I had a hard stop with my ...

Can taking prednisone 60mg / day after a Steroid Medidose pack make you very ill?

Posted 5 Dec 2017 by ShibumiKats 0 answers

I'm 50 yr old female, 5'2, 128lbs with sudden 100% hearing loss in the left ear, the day before Thanksgiving. After going to an urgent care and incorrectly being diagnosed with "fluid behind the ear" I was given a normal six-day steroid pack and told to take Sudafed which I did ...

Plan B - Do no side affects mean the pill did not work?

Posted 25 Aug 2017 by enyapagano 1 answer

I took Plan B less than 24 hours after. Probably 11-15 hours after. Now I keep hearing from friends and reviews there are some side effects, however, I have felt none and now I'm nervous this is not working! If anyone has had a similar experience or has any information they can share that ...

Does fluorouracil 5% cream damage hearing aids if it gets on them?

Posted 25 Nov 2017 by rikthompson1959 0 answers

I am applying fluorouracil 5% cream to my ears to treat skin cancer. I wear hearing aids. Does anyone know if it can damage them?

Get at least three headaches a week and my hearing in my left ear as well?

Posted 19 Sep 2017 by adam1352 1 answer

I seem to get at least three headaches a week which reduce the hearing and make me feel sick. Only started about a month ago.

Severe side effect after gentamicin: hear loss, hearing loss, bruising, lover back pain at night?

Posted 3 Aug 2017 by ritaoc 1 answer

... time. Possible treatment please help

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