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Harvoni Questions

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How much does Harvoni cost and does health insurance cover it?

Epclusa vs Harvoni – Which is better?

What are the new drugs for the treatment of hepatitis C?

Does Harvoni make you gain weight?

What does Harvoni do to your body?

What is the difference between Sovaldi and Harvoni?

Does Harvoni cause liver damage?

Harvoni - How long do the side effects take to wear off?

I completed my 12 week treatment just 3 days ago. But still have that insomnia and fatigue. I figure that the insomnia is adding to the fatigue and also really don't expect them to go away in just 3 days. But would be nice to know if there is a predicted time when the side effects should wear... read more

What are the effects of alcohol when taking Harvoni?

Does Harvoni cause hair loss?

I'm on a 12 week treatment plan design to rid my blood of the HCV using the drug Harvoni. Does Harvoni cause hair loss? Has anyone experienced any hair loss while on Harvoni?

Aggressive form of cancer post Harvoni treatment?

I finished 234 weeks of Harvoni and was considered cured December 2015. By August 2016 I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. I had a mammogram in 2015 and all of a sudden I have stage four cancer with prognosis of two years to live. Has anyone else developed aggressive form of cancer after... read more

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