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Is it normal to feel sick on BuSpar?

Posted 1 Jul 2018 by Reginag 3 answers

I just took 20 mg buspirone this Dr wants me to take 20mg for 2 days than 30 mg every morning after that. I'm also taking 15 mg Haldol every morning. This morning when I took the buspirone I felt really lightheaded. My stomach was getting pains and I puked, I'm still not ...

Is it bad to take Haldol in the morning?

Posted 26 Jun 2018 by Haleygaga 0 answers

I am used to taking Haldol in the evening. But I forgot to take it last night, so I took it this morning. I wasn’t necessarily tired, but I became so anxious and eventually had to leave work because my brain just needed to shut down.

I currently suffer from a little depression but not taking no medication for it I can't sleep at ni?

Posted 12 Feb 2018 by RussellMoreau 0 answers

What is an alternative drug to Haldol because the holiday doll is taking my sex life away from me I have no desire and I am being withdrawn from family and friends I am looking for another drug that will treat my Tourette's but not how it

How long does 2mg of haldol last?

Posted 11 Jun 2015 by 5000holes 1 answer

How long do the effects of 2mg of haldol last? Is 2mg an average dose? I took it for the first time today and it's really anxiety producing, yet it empties my head. Just hoping the initial effects will be gone soon...

How can I safely lower a dose of Haldol 5 mg daily tablet?

Posted 22 Nov 2017 by Mimi0808 0 answers

My son takes haldol twice a day, 2 1/2 mg in a.m. and the same before bed but makes him way too drowsy. I called the nurse who said he could cut it to just 2 1/2 mg at bedtime, is it safe to taper it this way? It is for Psychosis from depression.

Is it normal for Haldol to cause slow eye movement and sudden sleeping? I was driving and my eyes?

Posted 26 Jun 2017 by clarthur 1 answer

... were slowly shutting to where I couldn't see or keep my eyes open, and then, I went home to sleep, but then I paced around the house, because I was struggling with being able to lay down with out trembling..I had previously stopped taking it, and restarted it, I felt like a fish. Is that a ...

Haloperidol - Haldol dosage and insomnia?

Posted 28 Apr 2017 by ablueyedsissy 1 answer

I have read so much negative about haldol but found this site that has some positive. Haldol works for my son. He was taking 5 mg a day along with depakote for a year and a half of stabilization and no inpatient hospitalization.Unfortunately he stopped taking it when I told him how good he's ...

Where is it safe to inject 200 mg (2cc) of haldol deconate?

Posted 13 Jun 2017 by Bs5051 0 answers

I am a nurse and have a patient that gets this every 2 weeks. Have been giving in buttocks and now he has knots in both sides and are painful. Anywhere else this can be injected?

Haldol vs thorazine ??? Thoughts ?

Posted 15 Dec 2016 by Danielryan76 0 answers

I'm currently taking 2mg of Haldol at night and don't notice much effect should I ask to increase the dose?

Haloperidol - Does haldol cause weight gain?

Posted 15 Feb 2016 by Paisley P 4 answers

I have been on lithium but now haldol for bipolar with mania and schizoaffective. Was on zyprexa in past and just lost all the weight I gained from it.

Tardive Dyskinesia - My husband had had td since he stopped taking haldol. With his constant mouth?

Posted 17 Jun 2016 by tam93 1 answer

... movements, I am wondering how he will be able to see a dentist. Do any of them specialize in dealing with movement disorders?

I use haldol decanoate 50mg/ml one time in a month. is there a risk of diabete for me?

Posted 22 Jan 2016 by segkab 1 answer

I'm psychosis but m'y doctorat Said i suffer of bipolar désorder ( hypomany )

Why would Haldol be given to a 72 yr old female after hip replacement surgery when no evidence of?

Posted 15 Apr 2016 by jerrim 0 answers

... dementia present? Someone administered it to me via either pill or iv without my approval and it sent me screaming into LaLa land for 1-1/2 days. Horrible & my family & I have no idea why it was done

I was given haldol when I was 12 years old; I'm now nearly 50 and still have episodes of dizziness?

Posted 29 Feb 2016 by JaneBlue 0 answers

I can't remember the dose I was given. Has anyone else had this, and can dizziness as a side effect last this long?

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