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Monistat-1 - First yeast infection. I used monistat 1 day suppository 2 nights ago. My symptoms were

Posted 20 Nov 2016 2 answers

... a creamy discharge, and some mild itching. Now I'm still itching and discharge has changed, cottage cheese looking. Should I remedicate or go to a gynecologist?

Didn't take azithromycin 2x 500mg as prescribed. Help!?

Posted 21 Jan 2016 1 answer

Okay, well I'm an idiot, and took my dosage of Azithromycin wrong. I could have swore the receptionist at my gynecologist's office said that I needed to take 2 500mg tablets daily (meaning I would take one when I got it and one the next day), but after I did some research and learned that ...

Will minastrin make me gain weight even though this is my first birth control pill?

Posted 9 Apr 2014 4 answers

I'm 16 years old and my gynecologist suggested I start minastrin because of my serious irregular periods. They haven't been normal since day one but I'm afraid of gaining weight I recent gained 5 extra pounds (before I started the birth control) and don't want to gain anymore ...

Fluconazole - Did I spread it to my partner?

Posted 17 Feb 2016 1 answer

I noticed the vaginal discomfort immediately. I thought it was the sex and applied an ice bag, but once the itching and irrigation started I told my gyno and with two days of first feeling I had a yeast infection I had taken Fluconazole. My partner has not complained about anything, but it might be ...

Will Medroxyprogesterone help produce a period?

Posted 17 May 2016 1 answer

I was prescribed this medication today because I have ovarian cysts and haven't had a cycle in 51 days. I went to my gyno today and not only do I have the cysts but apparently I have a stuck corpus luteum on my left ovary. Will this medication work? I'm miserable. I have all the symtoms ...

Can Herpes be misdiagnosed?

Posted 3 Aug 2017 3 answers

I was visibly "diagnosed" by 2 different gynecologists that I have Herpes. They don't know which one because blood tests have not yet come back. I'm scared, but I'm ready to deal with it. The timeline however, isn't adding up much. I had oral sex about a week or so ago ...

Bacterial Vaginitis - Before I knew I had BV, my boyfriend broke up with me and said it was because?

Posted 3 Aug 2018 3 answers

... of the smell. Even after I went to the gynecologist and got metronidazole he said he could never forget the smell and it changed the way he saw me forever. He said he is not sexually attracted to me and “can’t be blamed for the way his mind and body react” to something like ...

Why does my clitoris hurt?

Posted 29 Aug 2018 0 answers

I've already seen a gynecologist, but even she has no idea what's wrong. My entire clit, and the skin around it HURTS like crazy. Even the lightest touch is painful. This has been going on for almost a year, but it's gotten the point where I'm fed up with it. My doctor is ...

If you do not have herpes and you take acyclovir?

Posted 22 Oct 2014 1 answer

Will this give you the virus? My gynecologist prescribed me this on a hunch without waiting for test results , wondering if I take it but my test comes back negative if the acyclovir will give me the herpes virus

I lost my nuvaring. Of course, I'm not sure when. I could have had it out for 2 instances of?

Posted 23 May 2015 1 answer

intercourse. On April 30th I called my gynecologist and told her that I had intercourse on the 27th and the 29th and found out I didn't have my ring in after I had sex on the 29th. I remember checking before intercourse on the 27th that it was in, after that I have no idea. She told me to take ...

Could I take Noriday to stop bleeding on the Depo Provera?

Posted 18 Dec 2015 2 answers

I have been on the depo for 2 months now and the bleeding is driving me crazy! Last month i bled for 25 days, very very heavily, and my Gyno prescribed me 1 month of Ava 20, which stopped it quite quickly, although it did give me migraines. I was wondering (because im currently bleeding) if i could ...

Gianvi - How was the experience with this type of BC pill?

Posted 10 Jul 2018 1 answer

I am currently on Tri Femynor. My gyno wants me to finish these tablets and then she is starting me on Gianvi. The pill I am on right now doesn’t give me much mood swings except for the last week of pills and then my placebo pill week I’m on my period and get moody. Will Gianvi give me ...

My gyno put me on bromocriptine 1.25 mg per day to bring down my prolactin levels.

Posted 17 days ago 0 answers

However, I am also on Lo Loestrin Fe. She said this should not make my Lo Loestrin Fe any less effective. Is this true?

This is more of a comment, regarding risk of yeast infection?

Posted 17 Oct 2013 1 answer

I took Florastor for 3 months in order to lower the risk of a C diff reinfection. I did fine until last month. I had what I thought was a yeast infection, but the gynecologist said that it wasn't. But within a week of stopping it, the irritation went away. Just FYI

Taking levlen without having your period first?

Posted 13 Mar 2015 1 answer

I have been prescribed levlen for pcos and amenorrhea. The Gyno told me to start it whenever because I havn't had my period for close to 200 days and he said it would bring it on. How long do I have to take the pill for before I get my first period?

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