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Glucophage Questions


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How long does glucophage/metformin stay in system?

Posted 18 Jun 2010 by lmimmo 1 answer

What is the difference between glucophage xr and metformin xr?

Posted 15 Jul 2013 by sunya1939 2 answers

I had a reaction to metformin HCL500 mg and was given another prescription for Meformin XR .750 mg However they are both almost identical the XR 750 is slightly larger but is still a large oval shaped pill. It does not have layers and is not a capsul with colored pellets that dissolve at different ...

Does glucophage cause kidney damage?

Posted 26 Oct 2011 by mariaatdiabetes 1 answer

Recent bood tests show damage kidney, is it better to chage medication???

Glucophage - I am having nightmares since I started taking Metformin. Should I be worried? Will it?

Posted 11 May 2014 by Scottysgrl10506 4 answers

... go away after my body adjusts? I have been on Metformin about two weeks now for pcos and I have had some really awful nightmares. I do intend to speak to my dr about it but I was wondering if this is a temporary side effect while my body is adjusting to the medication or if its something I ...

Diabetes, Type 2 - can 1000mg glucophage XR be taken with Lantus long acting insulin?

Posted 31 Jan 2011 by keithmeyer 3 answers

I am injecting Lantus long acting, 28 units, every evening. Can i also take 1000mg Glucophage after supper and what effect does this have on my Lantus. Can i reduce the 1000mg to 500mg

Glucophage - How long do you take Metformin to decide it's working for PCOS with insulin resistance?

Posted 19 Aug 2015 by sherryhm 1 answer

I've been taking it for one month 500 mgs 2 x's day with no weight loss and gained a few lbs. I eat very clean and workout everyday. Has anyone used Alpha Lipoic Acid along with Metformin? If so, what were the results?

Glucophage - Is there a big differance between Metformin hcl & Metformin er? would it be harmful if?

Posted 5 Oct 2009 by 4ever21 1 answer

... I ran out of one and take the other until I get my refill?

Has Glucophage for diabetes type 2 control been taken off the market. If so, then when?

Posted 4 Jan 2010 by Mr. Michael J. Erdman 2 answers

My mother is hospitalized with diabetes type 2 and was told that glucophage was taken off the market by a male nurse. Her glucose count went up from 126 on 121/31/2009 to 155 on 1/1/2010 as result of glucophage being removed from her diet medications.

Glucophage - what causes hypoglycia while taking metformine my blood sugar dips to 3.9 at times?

Posted 5 Jun 2014 by R-ocky007 3 answers

does metformin cause hypoclycemia or does diabetes cause times my sugars drop too low

Glucophage - I was previously taking metformin for 4 weeks for type 2 diabetis didnt like the side?

Posted 17 Sep 2014 by yitney 1 answer

effects so my gp has prescribed glucophage. are these tablets not the same ?

What are the signs of improvement after taking GLUCOPHAGE or Metformin?

Posted 23 Feb 2011 by medipharm 1 answer

what should I do when I identify these signs?when should I revisit the physician?

Fasting plasma glucose level 115-120mg/dl with normal post-parendial glucose level?

Posted 1 Jul 2013 by zeepharmacist 1 answer

68 year, Male taking Glucophage 500mg twice daily, now having prediabetic level of fasting plasma level at 115-120mg/dl with normal post-parendial glucose level. Subject having thyroidactomy 9 years before and taking Thyroxin 100mg OD. Also having hypertension and taking Renitec 5mg OD with the ...

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