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Glucophage - How long do you take Metformin to decide it's working for PCOS with insulin resistance?

Posted 19 Aug 2015 by sherryhm 1 answer

I've been taking it for one month 500 mgs 2 x's day with no weight loss and gained a few lbs. I eat very clean and workout everyday. Has anyone used Alpha Lipoic Acid along with Metformin? If so, what were the results?

What is the difference between glucophage xr and metformin xr?

Posted 15 Jul 2013 by sunya1939 2 answers

I had a reaction to metformin HCL500 mg and was given another prescription for Meformin XR .750 mg However they are both almost identical the XR 750 is slightly larger but is still a large oval shaped pill. It does not have layers and is not a capsul with colored pellets that dissolve at different ...

Hyperkalemia - I have high level of potacium in my blood that is 6.4, How I can reduce it to 4.0?

Posted 7 Jun 2015 by rchander1955 1 answer

I am an diabatic high level patient and i was takin Glucophase 1000 mg 3 pills per day and two and half Amryl daily. Is that the reason for high potacium, My ECG test is ok and kidney function is also ok.

How much weight can I lose using glucophage xr 1000 twice a day ?

Posted 31 May 2015 by enehmeh 2 answers

I started taking glucophage xr 1000 mg twice a day from 2 weeks ago after being diagnosed with insulin resistance . I have irregular period,I'm overweight (BMI = 25.78) and I have acne . I took isosupra lidose 16mg twice and each time for 6 months and the acne reappears after one year of ...

I have just switched to glucophage ER and I'm noticing that they aren't digesting. Do I still get t?

Posted 16 Apr 2015 by Itsyb0327 1 answer

Do I still get the benefits of the pill even though it comes out intact?

How long does glucophage/metformin stay in system?

Posted 18 Jun 2010 by lmimmo 1 answer

Glucophage - Has anyone switched from the regular Metformin to the extended release ... good or?

Posted 19 Feb 2015 by SandraLHoutz 1 answer

... bad? ... decision? I'm currently on Metformin 500 mg. twice a day and since day one have had horrendous stomach pain/cramps, nausea, heartburn, reflux (and I take prilosec twice a day, and zantac 300 mg. twice a day -- through my gastro doc, and the reflux was WELL controlled until I ...

Glucophage - I am having nightmares since I started taking Metformin. Should I be worried? Will it?

Posted 11 May 2014 by Scottysgrl10506 4 answers

... go away after my body adjusts? I have been on Metformin about two weeks now for pcos and I have had some really awful nightmares. I do intend to speak to my dr about it but I was wondering if this is a temporary side effect while my body is adjusting to the medication or if its something I ...

Glucophage - I was previously taking metformin for 4 weeks for type 2 diabetis didnt like the side?

Posted 17 Sep 2014 by yitney 1 answer

effects so my gp has prescribed glucophage. are these tablets not the same ?

Is glucoghage 500 a good choice for reducing weight ??

Posted 30 Dec 2014 by basbosa 1 answer

I am 150 pound weight and 155 cm height. I have no diseases and not on any medication. I heard that some doctors advise to use Glucophage to reduce weight. Is it safe

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