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GlipiZIDE XL Questions

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Is glipizide er the same as glipizide xl?

Posted 3 Aug 2010 by Nando15 3 answers

after years of taking glipizide xl, without changing prescription, online pharmacy just changed my medicine to glipizide er - is that a generic form? is there a difference in the medication?

When is the best time of day to take glipizide XL and in relation to meals to avoid reactions?

Posted 27 Feb 2012 by medteacher 1 answer

i.e. - is it better to take it with breakfast, lunch or dinner, or an hour or 2 before a meal??? I took it with a good meal about 11 am for the first dose ever (just started on it), and my sugar dropped to 50 about 3 hours later. I also take metformin 500 2 x / day. I just switched from actos to ...

What is the difference between glipizide xl 5mg and just glipizide 5mg?

Posted 20 Jul 2010 by doc-plant-888 1 answer

or is there any difference between these two types of glipizide?

Differences in Glipizide ER and XL?

Posted 11 Jul 2015 by katylady1949 2 answers

I was on Glipizide ER and had excellent blood sugar control. I was switched to Glipizide XL and even though I eat the same things my blood sugar is often over 200. Aren't this drugs the same?

Diabetes, Type 2 - is it safe to take 15mg glipizide xl with 100 mg januvia?

Posted 16 Jul 2010 by wanz 2 answers

I got a cortizone shot today and my blood sugar has risen over 12 hours from 120 to 284. They told me it might raise glucose. I don't take insulin. I found that max dose of glipizide is 15 mg twice a day. I usually take 2.5mg once a day with Januvia 100mg once a day. I want to know if anyone ...

Glipizide XL - How soon after one starts Glipizide does one see a change in blood sugar?

Posted 21 Feb 2012 by Romland678 1 answer

I just started with Glipizde saw no change in blood sugar (about 130) for the first three days. the fourth day it was 74 is this a typical time period to see an effect?

I have Type 2 Diabetes. I take 100mg Januvia once a day and 10 mg Glipizide xl twice a day. I keep?

Posted 1 Jul 2012 by mckenzia 2 answers

... finding the Glipizide in my stool. It is not a shell but the whole pill. Has anybody else had this problem? It says to not chew or crush on the pill bottle

Glipizide xl - my rx is for 10mg glipizidexl two times a day. Can I increase this by 2. 5mg?

Posted 21 May 2012 by tax angel 1 answer

My blood sugars, first thing in the morning, before food, are in the 180-200 range.

I take Glipizide XL; can anyone tell me why the tablets are occasionally appearing in my stool/?

Posted 12 Dec 2013 by mklimow 1 answer

I have been on glipizide XL for 6 months. After being taken off Actos I was given Metformin again, this time the extended Release and had the same really bad side effects. Then put on Trajenta and blood sugar kept going up.Then put on Glipizide.I also have GERD and take Prilosec; PA thinks Prilosec ...

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