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Silvadene Cream 1% - Is Silvadene for prescription or OTC?

Posted 15 Feb 2017 by Rosedal 1 answer

I burned 2 fingers a little and although I kept them under ice cold water one became a blister and now all red and it burns and hurts. Been using Bacitracin gel for a week but doesn't seem to work. My dermatologist's assistant told me to buy the OTC Silvadene. Is it an OTC? Or is needed a ...

I have osteoarthritis in my back and degenerated disk in lower back. Am taking meloxicam, which does

Posted 31 Oct 2016 by Mobid 1 answer

... not help much. Tylenol xtra 3 times a day. Can I use Voltaren emu gel on my lower back? Voltaren used to give me instant relief but not for long

Is it safe to take one 50mg tablet every 6 hours with Tylenol Extra Strength 500 gel caps?

Posted 6 days ago by katrina e kathary 1 answer

Is it safe to take one 50 mg Tramadol tablet every 6 hours with two Tylenol Extra Strength gel caps?

Has anyone ever drank alcohol while taking the metronidazole vaginal gel(0.75%)? Side effects??

Posted 12 May 2017 by HelloKitty95 2 answers

I was prescribe the vaginal metrogel yesterday and have put it in last night and this night... I have not drank because I have read online that it isn't safe to take while taking the medication. But I mostly read that for Flagyl... Does it make a difference if it's the vaginal gel?? Had ...

Voltaren gel. Does Voltaren gel 1% need a prescription in the USA?

Posted 22 Nov 2017 by saleh123 1 answer

Does Voltaren gel 1% need a prescription (Rx) in the United States?

Can I take a yeast infection pill on the last day of using metronidazole?

Posted 18 Nov 2017 by Chinksonfu 0 answers

I took the pill the last day of using the gel and the discharge went away and it doesn’t itch but it feels swollen a little, is that normal ?

Differin - How you guys are using a moisturizer, before or after Differin gel?

Posted 17 Nov 2017 by Lenalena23 0 answers

So, I'm planing to start with this gel and I'm not sure when I can put my moisturiser on my face. Before of after? For how long I have to wait if I'm putting Differin gel first?? Thanks!

Compare Timolol Solution .5% versus Timolol Gel .5% eye drops - cost, effectiveness, etc?

Posted 12 Nov 2017 by M 4 0 answers

Is the much cheaper .5% Solution just as effective as the.5% Gel if more eye drops are used with the Solution>

Metronidazole - Can I Use This Gel In The Day Time ?

Posted 2 Nov 2017 by Schenterrial 1 answer

I ask thus because I'm usually always sleep and laying down in the daytime and im up at night , will it work if i use it in the daytime or will i have to switch over to night time and if i just inserted a dose in the daytime will i have to take it at the same time everyday ?

BV and given the metr gel 1× a day. Tonight will be my 3rd treatment?

Posted 2 Nov 2017 by Krystalizedluv 0 answers

Given the metro gel 1× day at bedtime. I've done 2 treatments and both mornings after I have copious amounts of clear thick discharge with 2-4 very faint hair like brown strings. No cottage cheese. No real odor. No itching or burning. Is this normal is it just the bacteria leaving?

Metronidazole - Application question:?

Posted 28 Oct 2017 by WS450 1 answer

I just started using metronidazole for mild roscacea. I’m using 2 x daily as prescribed over clean dry skin. May I apply my serums and anti-aging creams and sunscreen over the gel without changing the efficacy of any of these products?

Pro-Den Rx - Has any other patient had severe dry mouth after using Pro-denRX aqueous gel?

Posted 2 Nov 2017 by Drymouth210 0 answers

My dental hygienist recommended Pro-denRX aqueous gel as a substitute for my toothpaste to help prevent dental caries. I have no dental caries at this time. I used this product for about 3 weeks, twice daily. I developed severe dry mouth, but didn’t realize that the new gel I had been ...

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