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Gallbladder Disease Questions

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My stool has changed color. What does it mean?

Been taking Colestipol since gallbladder removal 11/03/11, and still have massive problems with?

... diarrhea. Have had chronic IBS for years and my gastro said it may take a long time for my system to recover. Meantime, my weight just keeps dropping (weighed 144 at surgery - 128 now), and I avoid all foods with fat. I am afraid to eat at times actually. Anyone relate to this nightmare?

Persisting Pain -- Shingles - I have it on the right side of my back & when I wake up I can barely?

... lift myself up without JOLTING pain under my rib cage. i just had my gallbladder removed & thought i was having the same exact pain as i was with gallstones. does anyone think maybe having the surgery could of set the shingles to come out?

I am having pain or achey feeling below my ribs in the center and I have had my gallbladder removed?

what could be causing this feeling?

ADIPEX...right upper quad. pain?

Been taking adipex couple weeks now. Suffer from occasional RUQ pain and when I go to hospital I'm always cleared of any medical problems. The dr states my gallbladder is functions and not diseased but prob. Not functioning well. Has anyone experienced right upper quadrant pain while during... read more

My gallbladder was removed. Can I take orlistat?

I had gallbladder surgery Tues. 09/20/11, I had been taking Suboxone, which I tapered on over a?

I tapered a couple days after that short(48hrs)taper, I went cold turkey for 96hrs. Here's where the tricky part comes in, I was given IV Dilaudid on the 1st day, changed ?overnight & was given IV Fentanyl, then to Percocet & oxycodone. I was give a script for Percocet for which I... read more

Can taking milk thistle capsule turn stools yellow?

Been taking it for about a week and a half and my stools are very light almost like a yellow

Will Mounjaro causes issues with my gallbladder?

I am not diabetic, although have to watch what I eat due to gallbladder issues. Will mounjaro add issues to my gallbladder? Will it create issues with my pancreas?

Is there aspirin in amoxicillin clavulanate potassium?

Is there aspirin in amoxicillin and clavulanate potassium tablets i am having gallbladder surgery on friday and I need to know if it has aspirin in it.

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