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Took plan b, frequent urination week after and now clear discharge am I pregnant??

Posted 17 Jun 2016 by Anonymous1220 1 answer

Hi I took plan b may 30th because the condom broke during intercourse and we are not sure when it did , he pulled out and started cumming , he was sure he didn't cum in me but I was afraid about Precum and got the pill the next day less then 24 hours after sex. I started bleeding 3 days later ...

Plan b cause frequent urination?

Posted 17 Jun 2015 by jenniferyourbabe 1 answer

I took plan b about a week ago and now after one week I haven frequent urination and light cramping. Is it possible im pregnant? I read that the side effects for plan b do not include frequent urination.

All too frequent 'urge' to urinate?

Posted 19 Jul 2014 by BumperPopper 1 answer

I'm a 36/M in relative good physical shape, and this is week two of taking 50mg of (generic) Zoloft. I was on 25mg for one month, but decided to go up a notch after feeling like the 25mg wasn't having much of an effect on me. Since starting on 50mg, I've had an increased need to ...

Urinary Tract Infection 30 y/o male?

Posted 17 May 2014 by In2Deep2 3 answers

I have a UTI and have started a 7 day treatment of Doxycycline two days ago. I have been experiencing frequent urination ever since I took the first pill. There is pain and burning which I had before starting the antibiotics. Is the frequent urination a good thing? I'm all alone in this and ...

Hypertension - Has anyone else experience frequent urination after starting Lisinopril HCTZ. I take?

Posted 23 Jul 2014 by Jfeces 1 answer

... my pill around 6:00am when I awaken. Will urinate about 6-8 times before lunch. I drink a ton of water, but it seems like I'm going every 30 mins in morning. I didn't have that issue before lisinopril?

Frequent Urination - Starting about three weeks ago I have to pee every ten minutes. I had an?

Posted 31 Oct 2014 by Rajack07 2 answers

... infection and now it's gone but symptoms remain. I think it's anxiety related. Anyone have any experience?

I am experiencing frequent urination, esp. in the afternoon, for at least 5 years. Go Less (with?

Posted 18 Feb 2016 by notmeoryou 1 answer

... pumpkin seed extract, Life Extension Foundation) seems to help at night. Have enlarged prostate. Any other solutions? Thanks, e.b

What is the remedy frequent urination,I am also diabetic,but keeping sugar under control by Med?

Posted 21 Jul 2013 by devinder489 2 answers

Kindly help regarding above Problem,age 65 years, at some occasions frequency increases,very much confused.

Why does my young husband struggle with frequent urination?

Posted 17 Mar 2018 by autumnokay 2 answers

my husband (20) sometimes has bouts of frequent urination when he’s trying to sleep. He’s just gone 8 times in a 1 hour period. There is no pain, which leads me away from thinking it’s a uti. It is not a full bladder each time, sometimes it’s only drops (but still an urge to ...

Frequent urinationn?

Posted 6 Sep 2013 by Ibia 2 answers

Aug 21 had total knee replacement, now at home I am suffering with frequent urination, every hour on the hour, day and night, I am taking percoset and xeralto also vitamins etc., I get no proper rest to heal the knee as I am up and down all the time, any help appreciated

Has anyone else felt tired, no energy after taking Belviq?

Posted 5 Jan 2015 by Female football fan 1 answer

I've only been on it 4 days and feel like I have no energy and frequent urination. I'm considering stopping.

OxyContin - Does Oxyneo cause frequent urination?

Posted 13 Aug 2015 by Wiseb57 2 answers

I have been on 40 mg daily since 2012 for severe osteoarthritis in both knees and the last few months have to pee up to 22 times in 24 hrs, sometimes every 10 mins. I feel like my bladder is holding me hostage. I pee a lot each time and not just a dribble. I am also totally hyper and can only sleep ...

Wellbutrin XL was wonderful the first 2 weeks I used it. Now I feel horrible. Why?

Posted 29 Dec 2016 by 12cat45 2 answers

I have been on this drug for about a month. It was so good at first; I had lots of energy and other than frequent urination which has dissipated, all was well. Then bam, now I feel fragile, dizzy, unsteady, and breathless. Cannot handle anything and want to cry all the time. What happened? How do I ...

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