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Folic Acid Deficiency Questions


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Deplin help Panic Disorder?

Posted 27 Dec 2017 by AnxietySucks247 3 answers

I know Deplin primarily helps with depression. But has Deplin helped anyone with generalized anxiety or panic disorder?

If I just had my Nexplanon implant removed & haven't started my period yet how long should I wait...

Posted 21 Dec 2017 by Taylor2322 0 answers

... until my period starts & before I can get pregnant when they put me on prenatal supplement with folic acid & I have to be on this for 3 months can I get pregnant in between the 3 months because this will be mine & my husband's first kid together & we are trying to figure ...

What does high level of red blood cells mean?

Posted 8 Aug 2017 by ald67 2 answers

My red blood cell count was high after my labs yesterday. B-12 and folic acid were mentioned so I'm going in for more labs tomorrow. What is the cure for this?

Vitamin D Deficiency - how long before Vitamin d starts taking effect I have been on d2 50,000 units

Posted 2 Mar 2016 by alligator27 3 answers

I have been on Vitamin D2 (ERGO) 50,000 I CAP twice a week for a month now... my level of Vitamin D was 13... also have a Folic Acid deficiency of 2.7 ... I have not seen any improvement ... very stiff, hands, fingers, shoulders and some time legs... just wondered how long it would take to see some ...

My D3 level is less than 2. How much D3 should I take daily?

Posted 20 Apr 2017 by UME TAHA 1 answer

I am 43 yrs old n also suffer from b12 n folic acid deficiencies. I am extremely tired n drained all the time. Head aches, head spins and weakness getting worst every day.

My psychiatrist suggested I may not be able to absorb folate an I have depression and anxiety. Have?

Posted 9 Jan 2017 by Zio10 1 answer

... tried 6 meds an currently on 7th low dose 10mg Celexa. Psychiatrist suggested L-methylfolate 1mg an that i could get it over the counter at a good reputable natural foods store. Can I take these together? Or is this done normally? Will it inhance the Celexa. I really dont want to go up any more ...

Folic Acid Deficiency - I have some mutation in a gene MTHF5 I think that's it. The doctor?

Posted 30 Aug 2016 by RB5455 2 answers

... prescribed Deplin. 15 mg. Is there a generic maker for Deplin? Why is the L methyl folate in Deplin different then the folic acid could get from the pharmacy? I certainly seem to be feeling better well I'm taking it but it is way beyond my cost allowance

What was the average time it took Deplin to "kick in" for you?

Posted 29 May 2016 by flalabtec 0 answers

I am on it only one week and I'm so hopeful for good results like so many of these reviews. Might I be impatient? I have the MTHFR mutation gene 2 copies C677T and have been treatment resistant for depression most of my life

Folic Acid Deficiency - Is this yellow pill AN361 the same as Lyrica 75mg?

Posted 3 Jan 2014 by avalos39 1 answer

I have a yellow pill AN361 75mg and i need to know if this is the same as Lyrica 75 mg?

Why is Deplin a script and not over the counter ?

Posted 7 Feb 2012 by Carol200 2 answers

Does Deplin work on OCD?

Posted 22 May 2013 by empire5sb 1 answer

My new psychiatrist is considering putting me on Deplin as soon as my blood test for the MTHFR gene comes back (if it come back positive that is). I have severe obsessive compulsive disorder. Ive tried seven different antidepressants. The first one (Zoloft) worked for only 2 years-the 6 other ...

Headaches while taking Deplin?

Posted 16 Mar 2012 by surfrgrl 5 answers

I've been taking Deplin for almost a month along with other vitamins. I noticed a difference after about a week or so and have felt much more relaxed, energized and have let things that would normally bother me just roll off my shoulders. The only downfall are the headaches I've had ...

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