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Focalin vs Adderall: What's the difference?

Posted 5 Sep 2016 1 answerFAQ by

Focalin and Adderall are both used for ADHD, but is one more effective than the other?

How long does it take focalin xr to get out of your system to pass a ua?

Posted 14 Jul 2012 by monkeyboy1978 2 answers

It is not prescribed to me so?

Will Melatonin help my ADHD Child?

Posted 1 Feb 2013 by mrsgrant0112 5 answers

My 6 yr. old daughter had just been put on Focalin XR 5mg capsule. She has been having trouble falling asleep since taking this medicine. I have heard that giving her melatonin will help relax her & make her fall asleep. Please let me know what you think

Why does Focalin start of with such a low dose such as 2.5mg whereas Concerta has 18mg?

Posted 2 Apr 2018 by akiyama4001 0 answers

Is Focalin that much stronger than Concerta?

What does Focalin actually do?

Posted 19 Mar 2018 by Joed520 0 answers

Can my 4 year old take Focalin?

Posted 15 Jul 2017 by funsize79 0 answers

How long before I should see Intuniv begin to work on my 9 year old?

Posted 5 Aug 2013 by sheridc 2 answers

We just switched off of Focalin XR 40mg because it stops working mid-day. Which means he has to go to the school nurse to have the short acting Focalin administered. We made the switch to Intuniv 1mg and he took his 1st dose last night. Today he is twitchy, cant sit still, it took 4 hours to do two ...

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) - My 8 year old has ADHD and was originally?

Posted 14 Apr 2017 by Kaedoe 1 answer

My 8 year old son has ADHD and was originally prescribed Focalin 10 mg twice per day at age 6 and he was switched to Quilivant liquid 10 mg last month but his teacher said that he was more impulsive and less focused therefore, his doctor switched to Vyvanse 30 mg. Is this change normal and is the ...

Focalin XR - My son is overly talkative?

Posted 28 Jan 2017 by Heatherdf1234 1 answer

My son has been taking focalin and the side effects I've noticed is he talks and talks and repeats his self over and over. And he blinks alot.and also clears his throat alot. Over all medicine works great for him at school. Has anyone experienced this?

Our little girl age 8 is on Focalin 10mg It works great for school Worried though because she won"t?

Posted 3 Mar 2017 by bdorris 0 answers

... eat. When it wears off sometimes she is off the walls Smart mouth can't control her. She complains of stomach pain and feeling sad. Her grades are wonderful but she said she has no friends. Her mother took drugs during pregnancy (we have custody). Hate for her to be on this or any other ...

Tensing of hands and shaking of both hands and legs while excited?

Posted 26 Feb 2017 by Athfits 0 answers

My 17 year old son has ADHD and dysgraphia, diagnosed by doctors, and through some research, I believe he also has SPD (Sensory perception disorder). He currently takes focalin XR 15 mg a day for his adhd. My question is kind of hard to explain, but I'll do my best. He's grown up a very ...

What symptons and of tardive dysenesia do you have and has anyone found something that really helps?

Posted 21 Jan 2017 by Wits end 1 answer

What are most reported drugs thought to cause tardive dyskenesia. I am bipolar I and I have taken, Abilify, Cymbalta, Pristiq, Klonopin, focalin, lamotrigine, buspirine and others over a 40 year period. My symptons started about 3 years ago. The tardive dyskenesia affects my mouth, jaw and lips. I ...

My son zach has been diagnosed with ADHD, ODD , with conduct disorder and he is very anxious?

Posted 10 Nov 2016 by BridgetKoester 1 answer

He is on Focalin 30mg, guava cone 11/2 mg in a.m. and 11/2 mg in pm. He is on Focalin 10 mg in afternoon. Then at night he is on Zoloft 200mg, Abilify 5mg, Heist still very aggressive and sometimes agitated Now doctor wants to increase Abilify to 20 mg by adding 10 mg in am Could he have ...

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