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Fluvoxamine Questions

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SSRIs vs SNRIs - What's the difference between them?

What are some common side effects of antidepressants?

Can the antidepressant fluvoxamine (Luvox) be used to treat COVID-19?

Does Fluvoxamine Treat COVID-19?

Has fluvoxamine been discontinued, or is it just a shortage in the UK?

I'm supposed to start this, 100mg seems impossible to get hold of, 50s are short supply and two pharmacies said that it's been discontinued. However, other pharmacies haven't, the bnf hasn't, and idk where else to look.

Should I wait for the full 3 months for Luvox to work or switch to another antidepressant?

To anyone who knows about these meds (especially those who know Luvox/fluvoxamine), 29 year old male here w/ severe and chronic anxiety & OCD. Been taking 200mg of luvox for 8 weeks (started on a low dose of course). 8 weeks and Im still depressed, anxious, my OCD hasn't improved,... read more

Can Ativan help cure derealization/depersonalization or make it worse?

my doctor told me to take Ativan and celexa together, and I'm not sure if it will help or not. I'm 14 and have been on medication before. i was taking fluvoxamine for a few years and just stopped because I didn't think I needed it anymore. and I guess one of the side effects of... read more

Fluvoxamine - how long does the drug take to work?

from the time I star taking the drug how long should I continue it to see if it is working

Fluvoxamine - Does Luvox cause you to sweat more?

I have been on Luvox for almost 3 weeks now for panic/ anxiety disorder. I have been calmer since taking it but the past couple of nights I have been waking up with night sweats. I haven’t ever had night sweats. So I’m wondering if this is a side effect and if anyone else has had this... read more

Fluvoxamine - experiencing mania as a side effect as well as a withdrawal symptom?

Decreasing dose for good after being prescribed high doses in 2019. Mania has always been a part of the effects, but I did not know how to recognize it. Irritation aside that it wasn’t identified despite being observed by professionals, I feel like there’s a strong reason to decrease... read more

Can I split film-coated fluvoxamine tablets?

It's film-coated tablets i'm not sure if it is for taste masking or provide protection against acid degradation.

Fluvoxamine - how is the side effect profile of this medicine?

Is it better than Prozac in terms of sexual side effects? I am bit anxious about this, although I know everyone has different experience in terms of side effects.

Fluvoxamine - tired, heavy feeling in head?

I am tapering off Paxil to Luvox and wondering if anyone has had the heavy feeling or fatigue,sort not clear feeling.

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