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Has anyone had an overactive sense of smell while taking Flagyl?

While I'm confident Flagyl is working I have suffered some severe side effects, one of which is unlisted. I believe it is working because my abdominal pain has significantly decreased since being diagnosed with diverticulitis about 1 week ago. I am also taking Cipro. The reported side effect... read more

Has anyone here experienced permanent damage from levaquin?

I had diverticulitis and my doctor gave me levaquin and flagyl. I've read some scary stories about levaquin, but I was so sick, I just took it and didn't think twice about it. Has anyone had an adverse delayed reaction to it?

Is Flagyl a medication to cure a yeast infection?

Urinary Tract Infection - Hi all- I had a uti combined with BV and was given cipro and flagyl. I?

... took my last dose of cipro and I am still having some pain in my bladder. Does this mean that it is not gone? I have been in pain for about 2 weeks now. Right now I am drinking hot lemon water which usually helps me

When can I switch to a normal diet after an acute attack of diverticulitis?

I had an acute attack of diverticulits and have been on cipro/flagyl for 5 days. Started with a clear liquid diet for a couple days and advanced to a low residue diet for the last 3. I'm feeling very well right now and really want to go back to a normal diet sans seeds, popcorn, etc. When can... read more

Will Z Pak help a diverticulitis infection?

I have taken Flagyl in the past, however it upsets my digestion system. I seem to tolerate Z Pak well.

Finished antibioitics a week ago now have dry tongue & it feels funny - could this be a side effect

I had to take cipro for 5 days and then flagyl for another 5 days due to a bacterial infection that was not going away. The only side effect i had was when taking the flagyl. I experienced some tingling in my hands but it went away. It has been a week since I have been off the medication and now I... read more

How does metronidazole (flagyl) affects the liver performance?& if it does then what is the remedy?

i have heard that Antibiotics such as Metronidazole ( flagyl ) has bad effects on liver ... but if effects are there and liver is not working properly ..and if its not producing digestive enzymes properly then what is the remedy to this problem?

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