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I am taking finasteride for hairloss and my doctor put me on 5mg, is that okay?

Posted 11 Sep 2009 by makaveli66608 2 answers

I use to take propecia which I believe was 1mg, but stopped due to the cost. Now I am taking finasteride and was prescribed 5mg. I'm not sure if the dosage should be that high. Does anyone know the facts? :) Thank you!

Taking tamsulosin and finasteride together?

Posted 27 Apr 2013 by chuckman71 2 answers

Finasteride - 18 years ago I began using Merck Proscar and it worked geat.I switched to Sandoz?

Posted 23 Sep 2016 by sailboy 0 answers

..Finasta as it was a fraction of the cost of Proscar. Since being in the US I have been unable to find Finasta ( Made in India) and instead have been using a substitute drug from Walmart which I don't believe is as effective as Proscar or Finasta. My question is..Where can I find Finasta in ...

Propecia - Finasteride for female hair loss?

Posted 24 Aug 2016 by The Grapes 1 answer

I'm female, age 60. Will this help my hair loss? Has anyone you know had luck? Took Topirimate, gobs of hair fell out. Thanx.

Does Finasteride have an immediate effect?

Posted 25 Apr 2016 by Tony U 0 answers

I have been prescribed Tamsulosin for the past 5 years. I have now been taken off them and prescribed Finasteride, should the change over not be gradual?

I had prostate surgery it was remove on 1993, I'm still taking Finasteride 5mg. Do I need to keep?

Posted 24 Mar 2016 by Cottonboy 0 answers

... taking this and for how long?

Finasteride - I see there are warnings not to take Finestride while trying to conceive. How long?

Posted 15 Feb 2016 by Jdubs22 3 answers

... must I be off Finestride 5mg to make sure it's out of my system?

Take hot bath or shower after taking finasteride?

Posted 5 Dec 2015 by jakeman900 0 answers

Is it alright to take finasteride before taking hot bath or shower? I'm not sure if I have heard of that since its not good that pills get moisturized, but what if inside the body? I'd appreciate to have answers, thank you.

Finasteride - They switched my to the white pill from the blue pill and the white is not working?

Posted 16 Dec 2015 by Prostate Pete 0 answers

... anyone have similar problem ? Mine is for prostate

Was it alright that I left my finasteride pills in bathroom?

Posted 28 Nov 2015 by jakeman900 1 answer

because I forgot to keep them away from bathroom and took a shower anyway for like 20 mins? I've read somewhere that its not advised to put the finasteride pills in bathroom. What if I did, would something bad happen to the pills? Will the pills lose their effectiveness? I'd appreciate it ...

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