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Finasteride Questions

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Does finasteride cause high blood pressure?

I am taking finasteride for hairloss and my doctor put me on 5mg, is that okay?

I use to take propecia which I believe was 1mg, but stopped due to the cost. Now I am taking finasteride and was prescribed 5mg. I'm not sure if the dosage should be that high. Does anyone know the facts? :) Thank you!

Taking tamsulosin and finasteride together?

Finasteride - I see there are warnings not to take Finestride while trying to conceive. How long?

... must I be off Finestride 5mg to make sure it's out of my system?

Can I have an occasional glass of wine while on finasteride?

Will alcohol interact with finasteride? If so what kind of reaction would I have.

Does Proscar (finasteride) cause penile shrinkage?

I have seen some reports on the web that finasteride causes your penis to get smaller in length and girth.

Finasteride - Can it cause breast cancer in males?

I've been on this medicine for 3 years and recently I found a lump in my breast along with swelling and tenderness. My primary doctor said to wait 6 months... however I don't think waiting is the answer... I am going to see a surgeon this week, just to make sure all is ok... so can this... read more

Finasteride skin rash side effects?

i have hair loss and got to doctor and he gave me finasteride and minoxidil for my hair loss. I have been using finasteride for two month and i didn't have any problem after two month i stopped using finasteride for two week (i finished all my pills , and i need to get new prescription). ... read more

Flomax - tamsulosin and finastèride taken together?

Can tamsulosin and finasteride taken together cause severe weakness in an 81 year old man with severe arthritis

What is finasteride taken for, what purpose?

Can finasteride cause low pulse rate?

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