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Lexapro vs Zoloft: How do they compare?

What product is recommended because Vaniqa is on back order until July 2018?

I am unable to locate the product in my area because of its being on back order and not available. I have used it for many years very successfully and am afraid to try a non FDA approved product. Any guidance re. What others are doing would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to other Vaniqua users for... read more

FDA - Why does generic Adderall from Teva help my ADHD but the same generic from Zydus have no...

... effect other than upset stomach and anxiety. There is no way they can be the same. My Psychiatrist has told he can specify Teva only but I unable to get a pharmacy to keep them in stock for me. What should I do?

There is a FDA petition to get Miralax off the market. What can you share about the side effects?

... listed and the serious problems that have been reported to the FDA for the last ten years without an action, even though the FDA came out and warned in 2011 that neuropshychiatric events were possible. Three or more children have died from seizures from this? Is this safe for children since it... read more

Paxil or Paxil CR for OCD?

I was prescribed Paxil CR while in the Psych Ward 4 weeks ago. It has yet to help my anxiety and OCD. I know that regular Paxil is FDA approved for the treatment of OCD, however I noticed that Paxil CR isn't approved for OCD by the FDA. Is there a big difference between Paxil and Paxil CR for... read more

Which 12-hour time-release medications are most effective for chronic pain management?

The FDA now requires MD's to prescribe only 12-hour medications for chronic pain management. I had been doing fine taking Percocet (5/325) 3 times per day, but am no longer allowed to do that, so I need to find an effective replacement in 12-hour formula. Please recommend some choices.

Does FDA prohibit 1mg Xanax if you are 65 or older?

Effective generic Percocet 10/325?

I've been in pain over 40 years. Now I can't find a effective generic Percocet 10/325. I live at a pain level 3 and have not had a day without pain in over 40 years. I recently learned the FDA allows the pharmaceuticals to have up to a 30% error when producing these medications. I'm... read more

Drug Interaction - Prozac, MSM and lorazepam?

I take Prozac in the morning with MSM supplement (which was not FDA approved). Is there an interaction between them? I also take lorazepam at night.

How can we get the FDA to stop controlling our pain med prescriptions from our physicians?

The governments (FDA) failure to control drug cartels and drug pushers have taken the route to control all physicians ability to prescribe pain meds of their responsible patients. Since the FDA can’t control the illegal influx of illegal pain drugs, they punish everyone else!!! A practice I... read more

Latuda - This drug is way too strong for me?

The FDA and other reputable medical institutions have approved it for Bilpolar Disorder. As for diabetics, it spiked my blood sugar from 7 to 21 on my meter on initiating 20mg dose, all other factors remaining the same. Also, if medical professionals are concerned about benzodiazepines causing... read more

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