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Eye pain and headache in left side?

Posted 14 Mar 2014 by Temiko Chichinadze 5 answers

I have a headache and eye pain in left side but when I have been taking Aspirin but it only calms my aches and after i took Aspirin after 3 or for hours my ache returns back.

Can a patient use Ofloxacin ophthalmic eye drop for ear infection?

Posted 7 Feb 2014 by yashpalgirdhar 1 answer

chemist says it can be used for ear also

I have left side head ache, tooth pain, eye pain, and tongue pain. it is so severe?

Posted 24 Apr 2014 by sekar3e 6 answers

9 months before i had this type of pain and disapears in 20 days. but at the time of 20 days i cried a lot. i never slept. that time i was working abroad and there i was affraid to take doctor checkup. but when i returned home and consulted the doctor, he said it may be b'coz of cold. now i ...

Minoxidil facial hair side effect?

Posted 17 Apr 2015 by Blue2325 1 answer

Hi i am 23 year old male.I had used minoxidil 5 % for two months. I experienced hair growth, but I had to stop because of facial growth under my eyes on my forehead and my beard got much more thicker. Now, after three months hair under my eyes or my forehead fall out, but my beard is still much ...

Saw doctor for swollen face, gums, possible tooth infection, L-Cheek is swollen twice its side?

Posted 23 Mar 2014 by bjchapman 1 answer

Took one Levofolxacin 500 mg., face is still swelling and eye area is now swelling. it looks like I have fluid sac filling under it. Should I be worried

Itching In Eyes, Nose, Ears & Throat?

Posted 21 Nov 2014 by ammarzebkn 1 answer

Hi, I wanna say I am in a very bad condition and living is becoming very hard for me. I have been suffering from a fatal disease, at least I can say it. I have went for checkup to many popular doctors here, everyone give various medicines but there has been no possible or permanent cure yet. I ...

Dirt in eye not have black dot?

Posted 2 days 15 hours ago by alexmont221 1 answer

got dirt in my eye 2 days ago rested yesterday because of pain now I have a black dot on my eye this morning. should I see a doctor or is it a scab?

Just started but worried about possible side effects?

Posted 7 days ago by Babel4118 1 answer

I just began with the starter 14-day dose 3 days ago. I had numbness on the right side of my face that has subsided. Also had pain in my eye socket which scared me; that has subsided as well. I've already lost 5 pounds so I'm optimistic. I have a total of 80 to lose so I guess I'll ...

Headache, Fever, left tooth ache, lethargy?

Posted 8 days ago by ramalakhan 0 answers

I have been dealing with fevers of about 100 deg and severe headache, at times throbbing and severe pressure on my eyes. I also have just development lower left jaw ache since last 2 days. I have been taking Tylenol every 6 hrs or so, it relives pain for little bit and gives my heavy sweats. This ...

My doctor recommended the atropine sulphate ointment twice a day upto continue 4 day for eye?

Posted 7 days ago by Sanjay rathore 0 answers

My doctor recommended atropine sulphate for eye examination to my 3 year old girl children for twice a day upto 3 day. My question is that is it safe for as little chilled

Lumigan is making my nose run constantly. Is there a better alternative. I am taking cospot also?

Posted 8 days ago by TARTU 0 answers

My eye surgeon prescribed cosopt in the morning in the r eye and lumigan at night in both eyes. Lumigan is making my nose run constantly to the xtent that I develop sores at my nose and cold sores. Is there a better option to lumigan? Like xalatan. I have had glaucoma in right eye for 6 years and ...

Buspar causing strange morning vision?

Posted 14 days ago by User1524 1 answer

I have been on Buspar for a little over a month. I began take Buspar for anxiety and panic attacks and now take 10mg twice daily. I recently have noticed that when I wake up and open my eyes I temporarily see strange patterns and even random letters and numbers at times. It's not like a full ...

Irrated eye on a 9 moth old?

Posted 10 days ago by Latovar 0 answers

I have the erythromycin oinment can i still use it for my grandbabys eye irritation? Its not a pink eye its just real irritated on the corners of her eyes by the tear ducts.

Accidentally rubbed my eyes with the hand used to apply the cream on my shoulder?

Posted 14 days ago by sandycleaner 1 answer

I have washed with the running water. Would i be alright . Should I be doing anything else now

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