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Eye Dryness / Redness Questions

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Neurontin - Does gabapentin ever cause dryness of the eyes or other eye problems?

Posted 8 Nov 2010 by annette 53 5 answers

I am taking 600 mg 3 times daily for shingles related neuro pain and I am experiencing dry eyes and seeing floaters (spots). I was wondering if anyone else has eye problems after taking gabapentin.

Has anyone else developed cancer after being on restasis?

Posted 8 Jan 2015 by rooo 4 answers

I was very healthy, was put on restasis for dry eye. several months later 2 malignant melanomas, then blood cancer. research shows it is an immune suppressant and causes cancer, so there must be others out there with this experience. Thx

Overactive Bladder - Has anyone tried the new medication Myrbetriq doe over active bladder. My?

Posted 24 Jul 2013 by sheila7281 2 answers

... urogynecologist suggested this today. it does not have the side effects of the anti cholinergic like increased thirst and dry eyes. Supposely this acyually helps the urgency and works differently. It last like 50 hours so we are going to try it every other day to start. If you have high blood ...

Doxy for dry eye?

Posted 26 Jan 2011 by sandi3571 4 answers

I've been on doxycycline hyclate for a long time for chronic dry eye, am starting to worry about long term effects.But it seems to be the only thing that helps Anyone out there with the same problem? Thanks!

Is is true that symbicort can cause some eye problems?

Posted 2 Nov 2011 by Eve54 1 answer

im having trouble seeing sometimes, very bad pain above my L eye mostly, should i tell my dr about this or is it all in my head or my chronic dry eyes acting so confused lately.

I've been on amitriptyline for 2 months now and have been having severe dry eyes and constantly?

Posted 12 Apr 2014 by Bowhter2 3 answers

... blinking. My eye dr gave me a steroid drop for it. Is it possible that it's caused from the amitriptyline? I really don't feel any relief for my fibro pain nor sleeping problems either. My ms is not complying with me and don't understand what it is. Help me!!

Does Synthroid cause dry eyes?

Posted 18 Jun 2010 by gwynzimmer 3 answers

I've noticed that my eyes are so dry since I started a very low dosage of Synthroid. I take that and Protanix in the AM.

Restasis has just been prescribed for me by my ophthalmologist, but my family doctor insists it does

Posted 9 Aug 2014 by LhasaLover 2 answers

... not work and is against me taking it. I know this is a general question, but does this stuff really help? My severe dry eye has caused corneal abrasions

Lexapro headaches, tired, dry eyes?

Posted 2 Nov 2015 by justwondering2020 3 answers

Hi, I've bee on lexapro for about 3 weeks now. The first week I had 5mg's, then increased to 10mg's. I was a little nauseous at first but that wore off. Now I feel tired during the day despite sleeping nearly 10 hours per night. I also find I'm getting intermittent headaches ...

What does the chloramphenicol affect to stye on the eyelid?

Posted 15 Feb 2013 by ainulhayati mohazam 1 answer

red eye, itchiness, and sandy feelings.

What is the difference between Lumify and Alphagan P?

Posted 7 Mar 2018 1 answerFAQ by

What is a good otc med for chronic dry eye?

Posted 5 Aug 2011 by Eve54 2 answers

theyve been bothering me for over a yr now i thought i had pink eye, now im told to use otc med for my dry eyes, it doesnt help at all, what can i do?

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